any opinions of Thermador CIS365GB induction cooktop?

jadeiteMay 28, 2012

The Thermador CIS365CB is a 36" induction cooktop with "SensorDome", a "retractable sensor" which "measures the heat of the pot". Supposedly this sensor maintains the temperature of the pot precisely. Does anyone know if this feature works? Does anyone have an opinion of this cooktop?

The dealer knows very little about this cooktop, although they recommend Thermador highly. All I have is a description from the company website. I have yet to see a Thermador induction cooktop in person.



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See if you can find a higher end model of the Bosch induction cooktop. I think it may have something similar (called "AutoChef", maybe?) that's somehow supposed to keep your pan at a relatively constant temperature, say, as you put cold stuff in it. Presumably it monitors the pan and cranks up heat as needed, to maintain a relatively constant temperature.

Not sure how similar Thermador's "SensorDome" thingy is -- if its similar at all -- but its worth having a look.

A different (still more expensive) Thermador cooktop allows you to put pans anywhere you want on the cooktop surface. There have been discussions of this (very new, maybe not yet available) model here (search below). Some people think this is really cool; others think its worse than a hula hoop. Can you imagine that? But I digress...

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Chac_mool - I have the Bosch on my list. Their Autochef is supposed to keep frying at a safe temperature. I can't tell if you can set the temperature you want, or if there's a "fry" setting. I'm off to look at some Bosch cooktops later, but I don't know if the dealer has one hooked up so I can play with it.

The SensorDome sounds like you can set the temperature to whatever you want. If it works as I imagine, I think it would have lots of utility. You could set the temp for caramel, or the setting point for custards. Right now I do these with thermopen in one hand, stirring with the other.

No-one seems to have Thermador cooktops in stock and the dealers are clueless. Yes, I was told about the Freedom cooktop but they haven't been released yet. The MRSP is also sky high ($4999 + tax). I'd need a lot of convincing to part with that kind of $$.


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