4th of July table

christmascandyJuly 3, 2014

I set a table for the 4th and wanted to share.

I have used the dishes before.

The flowers for the CP are from Michaels yesterday, reg. $3.99 on sale for $1!!!

I used blue napkins for the placemats.

Happy 4th everyone!

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wonderful table, Candy
Just right for the 4th!!I.. love the dishes
Are the salad plates clear glass?
The flag flatware is terrific.
You sure got a bargain on the flowers they are great.
I really love how you put your tables together, you have a good eye for what goes together and they are always perfect!!
Happy Independence Day

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Thanks Nana, it seems like we have fewer and fewer posters these days!

The salad plates match the dinner plates and are made to go together. They are not clear.

We just had a frog strangling downpour with pea sized hail.
Shredded my bunting, :(

It is still sprinkling off and on, so may not go to any fireworks tonight.

I hope you have a great 4th!

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Candy Thank you for telling me about the plates I love them.
We had severe storms Thursday evening and showers continuing into yesterday morning. When they cleared out we had lovely but cooler weather for the fourth.

It seems to me that Holidays is becoming a ghost town.
Makes me sad.

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Love your Table! I don't think I have ever seen your dishes, and if I have, they sure are worthy of seeing again!

Love the big White Pitcher And A Wonderful Bargain on your flowers!

I am wondering if you bought all of this at one time, or like so many times, it is just a collections from over time and then all seems to come together! I always wonder about these things, as that seems to happen to me so much.

The candle with the star is so cute!

Another great job done!! Hope you had a Wonderful 4th despite the weather!

Love To You!


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Candy, so glad you found time to set a patriotic ts. Just
beautiful with all the red, wht and blue. Is you pitcher an
old one? I have some of that same dinnerware but need
more to complete my set. Thanks for keeping our Holidays

I seen those same flowers @ Walmart but didn't buy any yet.
I still have everything packed so don't need to add more to
the stash. If I see them marked down to a $1 might not be
able to resist tho.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend. Not a drop of
rain here which is quite unusual.


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Lovely table setting Candy...I too love your plates.
The overhead shot really shows off the neat layering of plates - placemats and napkin, against the checked tablecloth.
Great CP ..those flowers are really pretty and I like the festive spray you added to them.
I too thank you for keeping 'Holiday' going. Both you and Nana are real troopers. I look forward to joining in again once my home
Is finished.

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Thanks everybody.
Creek, the dinner plates came from 1 thrift store, the salad plates from another, and the matching glasses from a third thrift store over a couple of years.

Punk, the pitcher had a TJ Maxx sticker on the bottom but actually came from a thrift store. It is made to look like old enamel ware.

Jane, miss you, but will look forward to your posts when your home is complete.


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Those flag tumblers are great. Love 'em. Of course, it stands to reason that you found them at a thrift store.
You rat!

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I love how that happens!!

I find that happens a lot to me as well, that is why I was curious to know.

But, You are one lucky person to find exactly what you are looking for, just when you need it.

Great job, as always on your table!!


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