Ensuite Bathroom Layout

KbeenzMay 24, 2013

We are struggling come up with a sensible layout for our small ensuite bathroom. You can see from the attached that the room is narrow and comparatively long.
We would like to remove the bath and simply have a long(ish) walk in shower. The ideal location for the shower would seem to be across the end of the room, at the non window end. Unfortunately this would necessitate moving the toilet, to do this we would have to either jack hammer the (concrete) floor to accommodate the soil pipe or box it in around the outside of the room. Neither of these options are particularly appealing!
If we simply replace the existing shower cubicle with a longer one we will create an "alley" alongside the shower with a loo at the end. The only other option would seem to be to have the shower up against the window.
Any suggestions would be very welcome


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Seems like the easiest thing to do might be make the whole window end a shower with glass partition, and move the sink next to the toilet. There are some nice examples around of windows in a shower, you just have to ensure you set the window up right.

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Sophie Wheeler

I don't know what building codes apply where you are located, but here, you could not do what you are proposing because both the toilet and the shower spaces are too small. You would need a minimum of .8 M for the toilet space, and .9 M for the shower. Now, you could do a pretty nice sized shower at the bottom there where you show the toilet and shower, and then eliminate the tub entirely and put the toilet and sink on that wall. But you really don't have room for a tub and a shower here unless you can find a short tub that can fit across the room rather than lengthwise.

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Thanks Williamsen and Hollysprings

Willaimsen- I think your idea could work. When you say "setting the window up right" do you essentially mean tiling the window sills? Do you have any links to examples of windows in a shower?

Hollysprings - our aim is to get rid of the tub al together.

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Sophie Wheeler

If that's your aim, then you've got plenty of room for doing the shower across the bottom like I showed and then doing a nice sized vanity across the long wall with either the toilet or sink closer to the window. If you did the vanity closer to the window, you could do a half wall at the end towards the shower and that could shield the toilet from view from the door. Then the window wouldn't have to be replaced with a vinyl or fiberglass and most of that wall be rebuilt and waterproofed. You don't want a shower with a window without a LOT of extensive waterproofing.

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Yes that makes sense, thanks. The problem will be moving the toilet (or more specifically re-routing the soil pipe). But perhaps we'll just have to take that on!

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I don't have specific instructions, but here is a link with some threads here.

Hollysprings has some great ideas too, though they involve moving your plumbing. I think your best bet is to read up as much as you can on what you need to do for a shower window, then really think about the logistics of that vs moving plumbing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Window in shower

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Thanks Williamsem, that's also good advice. We'll get stuck into some extensive research before doing anything. Thanks also for the links, they're extremely useful.

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Someone just posted a nice how to on the recent thread about a giant window in the shower if you want to take a look.

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