kateskouros, how is the mother of pearl holding up in your shower

threeapplesMay 20, 2012

I'm thinking of doing this as an accent in our shower, but can't find reviews about whether it holds up to being showered on. thanks.

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hi threeapples, our troca shell tile has a special manufacturer applied water sealant. they are water tight and the surface is completely smooth and a very high gloss. looking at it, i can only imagine the fumes such a finish would give off. it seems ridiculous that a genuine shell tile would require this, but what do i know?

it was manufactured for me for use in wet areas. i didn't want grout lines, and found out i couldn't get them anyway due to the sealer that is applied.

where are you getting your accent tile from? they will know whether it is okay for use in wet areas. GL!

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thanks, kate. your bathroom is the most gorgeous i've ever seen. i found some shell mosaic tiles online and they run about 20 per sq. ft and, for the area above our master bathroom vanity it will cost over $800. Unfortunately this is just way too expensive. So, now I'm off to price starfire glass paneling above the vanity and around it. thanks so much!

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