Recommendation for air cleaner - pet hair and dust

sairy_gampOctober 25, 2009

Looking for recommendations on air cleaner units for cutting down on our pet hair and dust. We have lots of both in Anchorage, especially in the dusty springtime. Ideally the machine would be quiet.

We don't have forced-air heat so this would be a standalone unit.


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As I understand it, air cleaners pick up tiny particles, not dust and pet hair - those get picked up with the vacuum cleaner.

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I have some of the Kenmore and Whirlpool larger hepa filters - see the link below. Wow.. they elimate dust and while the filters are expesive you can give them a gentle bath a few times. Very Quiet, and also Very Large - these arent made for hiding in the corner.

But... they seem to be discontinued.
But... you might find that site is well known in the allergy world and investigate the suggested replacement.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Air cleaners will grab dust, hair pollens,etc. if it is in the air. What it will not do is pick it off the surface. Vacuum cleaners are for that purpose.

I have used an air cleaner for years. I purchased one after I got tired of sneezing and stopped up sinus problems. I sleep much better now. Mine have been noisier, but that is a good thing for me. The white noise drowns out the outside noise.

Alot of the bigger particles will be trapped by the pre-filter. I have even found lint from my flannel sheets on the filter.

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Thanks for the thoughts. Of course, vacuuming has its job; the idea is to trap a much from the air as possible to reduce the airborne and cut down on what settles onto the surfaces. At the moment we're having wicked north winds coating the city with glacial silt.

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I'm with ya! I live in an area where we have to dust 2x a week. If I could even do something about the dust particles floating around in the air it would help tremendously! I also want a humidifier because the air here is very dry too. Also we have a lot of static electricity in the air where my kids and I and our dogs are always shocking eachother. I sure would like to fix these things......

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I had 4 if the biggest Honeywell Air Cleaners and was tired of paying for the pre filters and the Hepa drums. For the last 3 years I have been using 3 of these from Sears. #85264. You will find them online on the Sears site. These are great as there is nothing to buy after you buy one. You wash the pre filter and throw the electronic cell in the dishwasher. They provide plastic screens for both sides of the unit to protect the wire and electrostaic collection plates.

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An easier link to the air cleaner.

Here is a link that might be useful: Air cleaner

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I was cleaning our home this morning and was really bothered by all of the small particles of dust, dander and hair that I could see floating around in the rays of sunshine. I vacuum a lot using a hepa filter, and I change the filter on our furnace frequently, but still I am sure there are a lot of particles that I can't see all the time. Today I even took the vacuum and tried to suck up these particles that I could see in the ray of sun.

We are building a new house, and I would like to keep it as clean and fresh as possible, so I wanted to seek the recommendation of this group to help me decide what to do.

First, I have been reading about several different air purifiers. I am a little confused on what to look for to remove the dust and dander, as opposed to some of the gimicky things out there. Can anyone help educate me on what I should be looking for in a quality air purifier? Is there a difference between purifier and filter?

Also, how do I think about using these machines? I have two dogs and a cat that have a lot of dander and hair (and we also have dander and hair). I will be moving into a 2-stroy house that is about 2300sqft. I can't imagine putting just one or two of these in my house and having them take care of the air for the whole house. Do I need one in every room?

Does anyone have cleaning recommendations in addition to the air purifiers? I vacuum frequently, have hard wood floors with some area rugs (and in the new house the master bed, bonus room and guest rooms will have carpet).

I got really frustrated knowing how much time I put into cleaning the house with what looks like minimal results. Your help is greatly appreciated.


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