Please help! Cleaning silverplate.

andreaintxOctober 16, 2008

We had a brunch on Monday after my daughter's naming and I put coffee in my brand new Silver Coffee Urn. The coffee was in it from 10am-3pm I dumped it out and cleaned it and it smelled horrible. I let it air out on until Tuesday evening and it still smelled. I then put baking soda in the bottom of the urn and just cleaned it out but it still smells. How do I get the smell out without ruining the urn? It is a silverplate, Elegance Silver 25 cup coffee urn. Thank you in advance.

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You might try a citric-acid based product, like Glisten or even Tang. Or perhaps a mixture of white vinegar and water, and let it sit over night.

But I don't think that a coffee urn that smells like coffee is all that odd.

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No acid or strongly alkaline products in silverplate, please!
Wipe it with a cloth with a bit of dish soap like Palmolive....rinse very well....wipe dry....and leave the lid off and the spout open for several days.
What does it smell like? Stale coffee, or that awful metallic smell?
Linda C.....who just cleaned her 2 silver plated coffee pots and they are still sitting with the lids off.

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I have the same Coffee Urn and never had a problem. I am sorry to say that I have left it for two days after a party and had never experienced this problem. I just scrub it out with baking soda on a damp cloth and just pour boiling water though it and have the spigot, open over the sink. I would try the regular, old fashion tooth paste if this does not work. I have used this on the outside if I have run out of silver polish at the last minute. If tooth paste will remove Garlic from our mouths, it should be able to killl the smell.

Good luck!

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I'm curious, too, as to what it smells like; it shouldn't have any smell. Since it was new, did you wash it thoroughly before you put coffee in it? Maybe there was some type of manufacturing residue. Did the coffee taste okay?

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