How to get your hard water stains off of your dishes

dale74October 22, 2010

I just joined your site because I found articles 2 days ago on your site talking about permanent hard water stains on glasses after taking them out of the dish washer. I found a solution to this proble. So, I figured I should share it with everyone

I had the same problem. I had hard water stains on my glasses after running them through the dish washer, and I changed detergents and tried the Palmolive Eco friendly dishwashing detergent when I first notice hard water stains on my dishes, hoping the Palmolive would get rid of my water stains, bad choice, that just made it worse because the Eco friendly Palmolive will leave a dried soap residue on your dishes on its own.

I did find a solution though that worked for me and should work for anyone. An easy remedy anyone can do. I am a mechanic and I use Permatex " Fast Orange " hand cleaner to clean grease off of my hands after working on cars. This stuff removes almost any type of stain or residue from anything you use it on. So I thought it might work on water stains, and it did. It has no petroleum additives, its biodegradable, and non toxic, natural citrus formula. It's safe.

You can get it at Dollar General Grocery store or at Autozone Auto parts store or you could purchase it off of the internet. They make a smooth lotion type,( which is the type I used on my dishes) and another type that is a gritty lotion which is what I use on my hands after working on cars.

At Dollar General they have the smooth lotion type for about $3 for 15fl oz. bottle. Which will take care of a lot of dishes.

All you have to do is squeeze out a little on your fingers, sponge, or on the dish. Rub in/on the Fast Orange lotion like you are polishing something for a minute or two. Rinse the dish off with water. Dry the glass or dish off and examine it. It might require a second cleaning, but only because you will miss some on the first cleaning. Other than maybe having to do the process a second time. Your done.

Thats it. It's that simple. It worked for me and I am sure it work for anybody else willing to try it.

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hey thanks a lot for the great tips. My aunt was suffering with same problem for quite a few time. I just told her about the tips you shared and she felt really excited. I am keeping my finger crossed that it might work for her :)
keep on sharing

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To prevent staining from hard water, put white vinegar in the rinse dispenser of the dishwasher instead of the store bought rinse stuff.

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As I recall, glass etching uses an acid.
Here in York Haven, PA, our water is loaded with minerals and acids, causing problems.
So, the idea is not to use this crap, but rainwater, even that may be too acid and might need treatment.
Dale has an excellent idea, the Permatex hand cleaner has "gut", as does Go-Jo, which is also a good short term lubricant.
I've found that after dish washing with dirty hands(grime, grease, grit) that my hands end up "squeaky clean" using Dawn or the equivalent, I also use bleach in the dish water - is that ever a powerful cleaner!
Some of these so-called "eco" products have little power to really clean... are "too easy" on the hands...
But its the very hot water that does the trick...the hotter the better..

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I suggest using a form of citric acid.
I found that the brand name detergents are much more expensive, and do not do as good of job as pure citric acid.
Also, the home remedies aren't strong enough to clear all of the hardwater.

Here is a site where I buy my citric acid; it works like a charm!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hard Water Solution Site

Here is a link that might be useful: Citric Acid

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