Christmas in July table

christmascandyJuly 22, 2011

I found these plates last spring and thought they would make a great Christmas in July table.

I'm reusing the pink candleabra I painted for the baby shower.

The small tree is TS and I added the hearts to mimic the plates.

I decided not to light the candles, cause it is just too hot.

The flatware, silver S & P, Santa, and pink candles are NOT TS. Everything else is TS including the linens, dishes, glassware, and silver butter dish.

I really liked the design with the pink, but knew I probably wouldn't use it around the actual holidays, so that is why I chose the Christmas in July table.

The Santa is one I have had for several years. He has pink accents so he coordinated well with the plates.

It is so hot here (although not as hot as Phoenix, LOL) that the thought of Christmas seemed like it would feel a little cooler.

We have had such unusual weather that our golf courses are dying because they got sooo wet it deprived the roots of oxygen, and then the heat hit, and it basically boiled the grass and it just died in a couple of days!!

We had so much rain in less than 2 weeks that the weather forecasters said if it had been snow it would have been almost 5 ft. of snow!!

It has been a crazy weather year for sure, first a drought, then May rained all month, and now rain and heat!!

Weird weather for sure, although we are not in the heat dome that is so bad in the midwest, thank goodness.

Anyway, hope my Christmas in July brings some cooling thoughts to everyone affected by the heat.



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Candy, pink is one of my favorite colors so your Christmas in July table is lovely to me. Those plates are so pretty and Santa is darling as the cp along with the tree decorated w/pink hearts and your candleabra. I have the same soup bowls in blue but I like your pink ones much better.


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I love the plates. I agree, perfect for Christmas in July. I feel degrees cooler just thinking of snow! The Santa is perfect too as well as the tablecloth and the accent pieces.
Yes, too much rain and then too much heat has stressed the grass and the plants. I don't want to wish away summer but a tad cooler would be nice!
On a side note Candy, I found 3 more of the purple stems like yours so now I have 6!!

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Candy, a cool table for a hot day. It is so pretty and it really does make you feel cooler just thinking about it. I loved your pink bd table and this one is just as special. The town where I live actually has a Christmas in July festival the weekend of the fourth to promote the Christmas trees that are grown here. It is the main cash crop here sence tobacco is just about a thing of the past. Christmas has always been my favorite tiime of the year, so Christmas in July , or any of the other 10 months works for me. Your dishes are really neat, I have three sets of Christmas dishes and 2 other sets of
salad plates, but nothing in pink. TFS Janet

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Those plates you found are just the CUTEST...esp for this Christmas in July! I like the charger underneath, too (or is it a plate) & the additions of the white plate & covered soup bowls match perfectly!

Your linens are pretty in pink & that Santa needs to come forth in July...Santa w/pink...I love it! So 'christmascandy!' And micmicking those hearts on the green tree as part of the centerpc quite unique ...for a Christmas in July t'scape! Yes, I feel cooler, too...just seeing this post. Thanks, christmascandy! â â âÂÂJeanne S.

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What a 'Cool' surprise!
Your plates are so pretty in the pink, and all your accessories go perfectly with them, especially that little tree with the hearts. I like the soft pink linens and stems too and of course that wonderful Santa CP.
This was so nice to see and does give you a cool 'mental relief' from all the heat.
BTW...QVC is doing their Christmas In July this weekend..I always look forward to seeing all the new stuff and your table - set the mood for it!!


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I love Christmas ANY time, but especially a welcome treat this time of year. (I think Hobby Lobby has Christmas in July sales don't they?)

I've never seen anything like those plates! They are wonderful. Where's Frou, she REALLY needs to see these!

That is such a lovely table you created.
hugs, Karen

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Wow! Christmas in July. Love that you think like this. Isn't it neat that we can post an unusual table like this and know that it will be appreciated by so many people. Most of my "regular friends" would think this is crazy. BUT WE KNOW BETTER.
The plates are very pretty - even for Christmas in December!

QVC is having their Christmas in July show right now.

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Love love love those pretty christmas tree plates with the pink hearts and ribbons. Frou and I will have to arm wrestle to see who's name gets on your will for inheriting these! LOL How wonderful that you had the pink hearts on ribbon for the tree and that neat candle holder and santa too. Love the linens, glasses, just all of it! Great idea and you sure pulled it off well. Luvs

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Candy, Thanks for posting this really COOL Christmas in July TS.
Pictures of Christmas decor are welcome at my house anytime.
The dishes are really sweet, and Santa looks happy to be be part of the festivities. Great idea to put the pink hearts on the little tree to match the plates. I've seen soup bowls like yours in blue. The pink ones are so cute. I love your stems and pretty flatware.
All of the Pink and white is perfect for Christmas in July.
Thanks for sharing this fun table.

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Marlene Kindred

Your table is sooooo lovely! I love the plates! And it looks so soothing and cool.....I can so identify with the heat...on Friday we had a heat index of 121! Never thought I'd wish for an ice storm, but it would feel pretty darn good at this point.

Thanks for posting such a beautiful and cooling table.

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Punk, I found the little soup bowls first and just bought them because I liked them. Then when I found the plates, I knew they were going to be on a table together. I have seen the blue ones at the TS too.

Kath, so glad you found more goblets. I have looked, but not found any for you. Mine are actually rose colored, so if I look through them, I'm seeing the world through rose colored glasses, LOL!!

Janet, those are the first Holiday ones I have seen with pink! Now, thanks to Enablers R Us, I have several sets of other Christmas/winter dishes. LOL

Jeanne, they are chargers and I found 8 of them at GdWl for 85c ea. I guess, if I wanted, I could use them as really big plates. LOL

Jane, HL & Michael*s have all the Fall decor and Christmas decorations out already. I know the crafters need this so they can create their items for their holiday sales, but I find it kind of depressing as I am a spring/summer person (and of course, Christmas!!LOL) As much as I love Christmas, I dread the end of summer!

Karen, I'm willing to buy Christmas decor anytime, but don't want summer to end, even though it is hot right now!

OA, thanks, everybody here understands, but some people I know, ask me why I set tables where nobody eats?? They don't get it, LOL Sure glad to have you back posting here!

Luvs, well since you asked first.....LOL The candleholder was originally verdigris green, but a little pink spray paint fixed that!

Nana, Since I planned on using the plates for this theme and I still had the pink stuff out from the baby shower it was time to set this table!! LOL

Marlene, it has been hot here, but nothing like that!! What has been so weird is the rain!! We had more rain in 2 weeks time than we usually get in half a year!!

Thanks everybody. I sure enjoy everybody here, you are all the best!!


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