miele vs gaggenau induction cooktop

carolmlMay 6, 2012

Any opinions as to which is the better cooktop? Because of Miele fixed pricing and dealer flexibility with pricing the Gaggenau, I can get either of them for about the same price. I know they each have their fans.

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Hi! I saw your msg on the kithens forum and popped over here to give you my experience with the Miele cooktop.
I honestly didn't look at other lines because I went with the single induction cooktop as an afterthought. I had already ordered a 48"gas range and as I got closer to finalizing my plans, I just got nervous about my kids using a gas appliance. Since my island is so big, I carved out a spot on it for a single burner induction cooktop and Miele had one that was the perfect size.
I really love it! I have been able to use any reasonable priced cookware(Marshalls, Target, TJMaxx) and it works great. I use it more than my gas range because it is so easy to clean and also because it faces the room instead of the wall. Good Luck.

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Thanks Michellemarie. Miele has a promotion on here at the moment, so I have to decide by the end of the week. I know they make good quality appliances.

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Any more opinions on cooktops? The price is the same, which is better?

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Miele has a promotion going? I was just at a dealer today looking at their induction cooktops but didn't see or hear of any promotions?

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Hi Carolml,

For what it is worth, I suggest searching for reviews in this forum. Just google gardenweb appliances induction miele Gaggenau and you will get a ton of reviews. Especially from induction experts like Plllog (user name). Only suggestion I would offer is to try and actually cook something at a demo location.. Preferably the same dish with pans you like to use. I was all set on Miele but when I actually tried it, I decided to go with Gaggenau as I found the controls more intuitive and more fine grained (increase heat just a tad) than Miele. If the prices are same, I would ask that you try to do this before you make a call.

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lalitha - thank you, that is exactly the kind of thing I want to know. I have to travel by ferry to Vancouver to actually see a Gaggenau. The miele can be seen locally but I don't like the way it looks quite as much. I have tried a few gardenweb searches but didn't have much luck. I'll try again. I will call before I go to Vancouver and see if anyone actually has an operating gaggenau. The promo ends Sunday, so I've got to decide. Have you loved your gaggenau? any complaints?

manifestkitchen - I think the promo may just be in Canada. Esentially, it is free 10 year warranty if you buy the base priced appliance. Here we have a funny three tier price system based on the years of warranty. Mind you, the prices are way higher than in the US anyway. Don't know how they get away with that, maybe we are just to polite to complain.

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You might look in to how you'll get these brands serviced, just in case... Will you have to ride the ferry over to Vancouver to get service, if you get the Gaggenau?

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@carolml, thanks for the info!

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chac_mool - We bought our gaggenau ovens here, so hopefully there is a service place. Its just that the appliance stores are small and the market smaller still. I will check though!
lalitha - I googled as you suggested and found lots of info. I've always used the gardenweb search engine before - google worked way better. Thanks.

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