Superior Walls basement experiences?

dbrad_gwApril 9, 2013

We are planning to finally break ground this year and are considering Superior Walls for our walkout basement. I have found some complaints online about the product, but most seem to stem from improper installation and are several years old. Back then they only offered a 15 yr warranty, and now they offer lifetime. Based on that fact alone I presume that they have improved their product or their process, but that's just my personal assumption.

So does anyone have experience with SW?

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Look over the older threads. My Superior walls from 2002/2003 are the older R-5 version. 10' high. I am very pleased with them. Be sure to get the builder booklet and personally verify often that EVERY DETAIL is per specifications.
I was on site all the time, did much of the site preparation myself. Great results at minimum cost.
With ANY basement, using a dehumidifier to control relative humidity may be necessary.
Yes, they would be my choice if I was building new today.

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My build is finishing up, and we're using Superior Walls, and quite happy so far, but I guess time will tell. In my town, I'm seeing quite a few houses going up with SuperiorWall. A friend of mine has them in his 2010 build, and he's been happy as well.

It definitely is a good idea to make sure the builder is quite familiar with the product and has used it several times before.

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Yes from what I read installation is very important, but this builder has used SW in dozens of his builds over the years so he should know what he's doing. I just am having a hard time accepting the difference between an 8" solid concrete wall and a 1.75" concrete wall with metal stud support. Both are waterproofed and offer lifetime warranties on that portion so the structural issue is my main concern.

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The stud on my R-5 walls is steel-reinforced concrete.

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Mary_Beth Comfort

Does anyone know if they have much of a presence in NC?

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The walls used here in SC are manufactured in Statesville, NC.

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In 2002, there was a SW manufacturing plant in Oxford NC. But mine were made at the original plant in PA.
In my case, SW had no installation crews of their own in my area at that time and sold the panels to independent contractors. Once these installers built up some business volume, then SW cut them off and established their own crews for that territory. That business model stinks in my opinion.
But I do like the product.

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comfortdog - We live in NC and just had them installed. We've also seen several homes in the area that are under construction that are using them as well.

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Mary_Beth Comfort

steph0509 What part of NC are you in? If you don't mind me asking. Are you happy with them? We almost built a home about 6 years ago and I had made the decision to go with them as my basement guys. But we currently live in OH and everyone has basements so finding people that used them wasn't hard. Also, finding contractors that used them wasn't hard either. However, this time we are building in NC and I don't want to get into a situation where I am the trial run using this product in an area that has never been tapped.

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There is also Ideal Building Systems in Durham if you are building in that area. The owners originally worked for Superior Walls and then started their own company. We used them for our house. Our entire house is precast concrete, so the panels are 21 feet tall.

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comfortdog - We are in Guilford County (Greensboro area). We're happy with them so far, but they were just installed, so only time will tell. My husband thinks it's the way to go, once your base gravel is set they come in and have the walls set in one day. I, too, had my reservations about the thickness of the wall and it being structurally sound. But most homes I've seen with them have two stories sitting on top of them, so they must be stout. SW has their own installers, so it made me feel a little more comfortable that they knew what they were doing since they do it on a daily basis.

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I have used them in New York on 2 different builds. I built my first home in 1995, and just finished a second build last year. I am very pleased with the performance of Superior.

I am currently in a very wet area, and there is zero dampness in the basement.

They seem to be holding up my cape cod just fine. :)

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Mary_Beth Comfort

Thanks for the great feedback. It does seem to be a "superior" product!!

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I contacted both and they are fairly close in price although Ideal has only one choice of insulated panel-R-21 if I remember correctly. Do I really need that much basement insulation in the Raleigh area? Is there any reason not to have that much insulation?

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The more insulation the less HVAC you need......less tonnage....less cost....less utilities. Have you looked at ICF?

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Thanks for reminding me. What is the difference between the Superior Wall product and Insulated Concrete? I am thinking it might have to do with the degree of finishing. The ICF is made on the building lot and the Superior is made offsite at the factory? I sent a query to Reddi Form this morning asking to estimate the foundation price for a plan that I really like but have not purchased because I need to get my ducks in a row first.

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