1k difference in quotes tile job??

bullieloveMay 7, 2013

I had a few differnet quotes for tile install in my shower (tub to shower conversion) bathroom floor, vanity backsplash as well as all prep work, shower floor/apply backerboard etc, waterproof membrance (materials included)

The quotes differ by 1k, is it normal to have such a difference in prices? The less expensive quote was even going to use a Kirdi pan liner and drain and that included the cost of that material.

Both of these installers came recommended by the Tile Shop where I purchased Tile, I called the references and they were all very good for both. They both use Hydropan as the waterproofing material and hardibacker.

The quotes are $3970 vs $2939. The bathroom is about 6x7, standard 60 inch wide shower.

Cheri Morgan

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That's why you should get at least 3 quotes. Then if two are similar, you can be fairly sure that that is the going price. With only 2 you have no idea which is the reasonable one.

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I was going to suggest a third quote also. Could be one of the guys works solo and the other pays a helper (that is something you can ask about). One might have ore work going and not want the job as bad. One may just charge more as the norm. You don't know without another to see which way the trend goes.

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You can also ask them for a detailed estimate, to see what does this fee cover . Maybe one is charging you with all the supply and material , while the other will buy them and charge you later.

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I had that much variation in my quotes than that, so I am not surprised at all. Not even counting one guy that was jaw-dropping high.

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