Full access bi-fold doors - are they sturdy?

ontariomomApril 29, 2012

Hi all,

As trying to work out what style of door to put on our bedroom closets, I came across these intriguing looking bi-fold doors. Apparently, they fold like bi-folds, but then can swing for full access. Does anyone have them. Are they good quality. When we built our first house, over time many of the bi-fold doors came off their tracks. So, I want a sturdy door this time.


Full Access Bi-fold door

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Johnson builds pretty dam good door hardware, just make certain your interior doors are of good quality from a good door hanging shop and you should be fine. As with most any door if it is not hung properly it will not function properly. Interior doors can be more temperamental as if the stile and rail blocking i can be small if using a flush type door and you will only get one shop at the hardware being applied correctly

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Hi Millworkman,

Thanks for the reassurance about Johnson's hardware. I don't suppose you have used this style of closet door (full access bi-fold).

So when you say I should check out a good quality door hanging shop, I'm guessing I need to stay clear of HD? I am not entirely sure where to go looking for good qualify doors.


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Maybe you can email this guy...

Also, johnson hardware is always the hardware of choice for any pocket door. Great reviews of their hardware. Hopefully, for you, it extends to their bifold hardware as well. (that url is from 2009)

Here is a link that might be useful: another GW post about it.

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Do you have a local lumberyard, a real lumberyard not a box store? Maybe even a millwork shop? Not sure what type of Interior Doors you intend to use or who your planning to have hang them but sometimes a quality older type carpenter is experienced in hanging doors as well.

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Thanks Kirkhall and Millworkman!

I appreciate your suggestions, and links. I'm going to see where in Canada these closet doors can be bought.

If anyone else has an opinion on these closet doors, don't be shy.


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Nothing wrong with buying the hardware over the internet and the doors as slabs only and having a carpenter that is experienced in hanging doors do the work. You do not need to purchase them all together from the same supplier. Depending on the doors your using you can possibly even purchase the slabs only from a box store (blasphemy for me to even say that).

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Have you installed these yet? I'm going to get doors from Habitat for Humanity Restore. Hoping it all comes together.

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Hi Gardensun,

No, we are progressing very slowly on our build as we are acting as our own GC's. However, we are now leaning towards doing double doors (or even two sets of double doors for the wider closets). I figured if the closets doors were only 18 inches wide, they would not swing far into the room. I still think the full access bi-folds would be good as well.

Good luck,


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