Toilet Review- American Standard. Tropic. Concealed trapway.

VictoriaElizabethMay 30, 2012

American Standard. Tropic, Right Height, Elongated, One-Piece, Concealed trapway.

I wrote and posted photos of this toilet. But I didn't actually review it-- it was a bit of a stretch for me to write about a toilet in the first place. Let alone discuss specifics. But I could not find any reviews for this toilet, so hopefully this helps someone.

In trying to choose a toilet for our bath remodel, I read WAY more about toilets than I can believe. Spent all kinds of time comparing size, reviews, benefits... Once I saw the concealed trapway / skirted style, there was no other option.

My criteria:


ADA right height


Concealed trapway

I would have also liked a dual-flush, but that ended up being compromised in favor of all the other factors.

Everyone makes a version of the concealed trapway, but a lot of them look really modern, which doesn't work in my house. Or, they were really bulky. One I considered had what looked like crown molding at the base. And one had a ledge under the bowl... which makes no sense at all. Why do I want a ledge to clean? I am buying this because I want one flat surface.

I couldn't find ANY reviews for the toilet we ended up buying, which goes against all my control-freak personality traits. But we'd had an American Standard Cadet 3 prior to the remodel, which we thought was great... so I took a chance.

So. My review? Awesome. Overall, I'm thrilled. (As thrilled as one can be about a toilet.) If you're considering this toilet, and are put off by the lack of reviews... don't be-- it's great.

The one thing I do not like is the underside of the seat design. It could be flatter. There are feet-thingies that connect with the top of the bowl, and there are seams and not-flat surfaces. I think it could be re-designed to be easier to clean... but I think all soft-close seats have more going on underneath than regular ones.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Bath Renovation

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Try the Jaccuzzi Prestige

My house is 126 years old, and I think it fits the remodel I just finished very well.

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I think I looked at that one somewhere along the way... but it only came in two-piece? And my #1 criteria (aside from a concealed trapway) was that it be one-piece.

I've seen pics of your bath remodel on the boards before... and have said what a beautiful job you did. I really love all the details you chose. Our home is an 1890 Victorian, so I can really appreciate the intricacies of working in a space that old!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Bath Renovation

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