Elux slide in induction install

akl_vdbMay 15, 2013

I did a quick search but couldn't find the exact issue I'm having. I just had the Elux slide in induction put in and we had formica counters. We got new quartz (Cambria) installed yesterday, now I have a big (just under 1/4 ") gap between the counters and stove.

When the counter people put the stove back after installing the counter (and scratching my beloved range/the stainless along the top sides), the left side was bearable, and the right side had the gap. DH and I played around with the wheels at the back, and didn't make it any better.

Should I just call Sears to come and fix it all for a service fee- we spend an hour doing this and am frustrated, or does anyone have any advice?


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What is the total height, from floor to countertop? Any lower than your old counter?

When you adjust the wheels, does the rear part go up and down? If not, look underneath with a flashlight and see whether the rear legs are down. The rear legs are only for shipping. They should be removed, or at least screwed way in, up out of the way.

How did the counter people move the range in and out? Not by the top, I hope -- it isn't structural.

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Thank you for the response. I wasn't here when they moved the stove, I sure as heck hope they didn't move it by the top either! It is 35 3/4 inches from the top of the counter on both sides of the range. (not sure what the old height was, but guessing a bit more as they said the quartz was a bit thinner). Looking at the specs, the 35 3/4 counter height seems to be inline with the minimum necessary.

The wheels move up and down, and the back legs are screwed all the way up and do not seem to be interfering with the height. This is so frustrating! Plus with the scratches, I'm wondering what was going on over here!

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When you say 'the wheels move up and down" , do you mean that when you adjust the wheels with the screw, the back of the range moves up and down?

Are you also adjusting the front legs? Those have to be turned by using a wrench on their foot -- quite a pain compare to how the wheels adjust with a screwdriver.

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Sorry, yes, the back of the stove moves up and down. I did adjust one front leg. Question- if I move the front legs lower, will the back get lower after moving the wheels down? I don't know if I'm making any sense. I need a flat wrench!

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I think you just adjust the wheels a bit, then the legs a bit, back and forth iteratively. The wheels are not at the back edge, they are a bit forward. So, adjusting the front legs will have some effect on the back lip height.

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Thinking of purchasing the Elux slide in induction. Wondered if you could share your experience with the range. Does it make a lot of noise and are you happy with your purchase.

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So the Sears repair guy came and levelled our stove and our fridge, no charge, under warranty, no problem. Thanks for the help.

I love love love our stove. It does not make a lot of noise at all. It did once but there was a touch of dirt on the hob so I guess the pot wasn't getting full contact. Other than that, it's quiet.

When the stove is on, cool air blows above the oven, so that was unusual, but I'm used to it now. The oven seems to take forever to heat up, but there is a fast preheat button that seems to make it quicker. I'm also used to a 27" oven, so it's bigger and I don't know what else to expect. I'm very excited to use the perfect turkey button :)

I've only had it installed about a month, but as long as it continues to perform, I have no hesitation recommending it. And I'm one of those up at 2 am researching kind of person that is never happy :)

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