How to clean/disinfect vacuum cleaner?

tessaduncanOctober 7, 2009

I loaned my sister my Dyson and she used it to vacuum her carpet BEFORE she steam-cleaned it. Why was she steam-cleaning? Because her dog had peed & pooped on it! UGH.

I can't use it now unless I can really disinfect it. I can wash the filter but what about the brushes and the container (it's bagless). Lysol everything? Wipe it all down with alcohol? Suggestions please.

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I have washed my Dyson's container after removing the inside part. As for the other parts, this might be something you want to contact Dyson about.

As icky as this sounds, walking down the street and then walking into your house causes you to bring all manner of stuff into the house, which then gets vacuumed.

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Sodium carbonate is the main ingredient of hand sanitizers. It is also the main ingredient of washing soda.

Toss the old bag and put in a new one. Throw a handful of washing soda on a noncarpeted smooth floor and vaccuum it up. I say noncarpeted because it may be hard to get out of a carpet.

The the soda will go all the same places your sisters dirt went.

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