Need ribbon help

oakleyokJuly 28, 2012

I'm searching for wire-rimmed, plaid ribbon. The problem I'm running into is finding a ribbon that's not see through.

On websites you can see the colors and pattern really good, but that's because their ribbons are rolled up. But a lot of them are sheer and I can't see the pattern once the ribbon is unrolled.

Is there a specific name for non-see through ribbon so I can do a quick websearch?

I bought a cute roll last year, but once I unrolled it, it was worthless unless it's on a dark background.

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I just checked two different rolls of tartan ribbon that I bought last year and there's nothing printed on them that would let you know that you can't see through them. You probably already know this, but see-through ribbon is sometimes described as mesh, organdy, organza, or sheer, so you can avoid those. Sorry that I can't be of more help.

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Thanks, Fun. I'll remember those descriptions when I order some.

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I bought a beautiful spool of wired plaid ribbon at Sam's Club today (50 Yards -- yes, yards!!)

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Sorry, 50 yards of wired plaid ribbon was $7.98 plus tax

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I get mine at Sam's Club too.

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