my two special finds at antique mall

PurplemoonJuly 31, 2010

A few months ago, one of you gals showed a pair of pink transferware teacups n saucers with HORSES on them. Found at a yardsale I think for $4. ?? I fell in love, LOL. They were Adams English Scenic. So I went to eBay and started my search. I nearly fell off my chair at seeing the price of these beautiful, old and discontinued pieces. The English Scenic series comes with horses or with cows. And in several colors as well. I just

wanted ONE plate actually, to go with my horse transferware plate collection. But I'd have bought

any piece if not for the prices with shipping. The main dinnerware pieces like tureens, and coffee and teapots are hard to find. Plus the teapots on eBay sell for up to $185. Holy Crap! I love teapots but not THAT much. LOL.

Well I about dropped my jaw when I saw one in the antique mall..... for $30. I practically danced all the way to the counter with it. LOL.

Then I really went totally NUTS. Most of you know I have extensive collections (horses, dogs, rabbits) and have 11 china cabinets and curios of various sizes. Tho only two are actually BIG ones, both antiques.

Well my bunnies were kind of scattered in several of the small curios, and crowded, and the larger bunnies

had to be elsewhere on shelves. So at the antique mall, when I spied this china cabinet that was exactly what I wanted and needed...and the perfect color for me....I wanted it sooooo badly!! I was almost afraid to

look at the price tho. My friend who was with me knows stuff that I'm clueless about, and he recognized who made this piece and tho not true antique, its value was around $1200. I bravely picked up the tag and read $335. The antique mall has a person who will do deliveries for $50, thank goodness, or I'd have had no way to get it. I LOVE this piece! Its in my study and holds all my rabbit collection except the lifesize ones around the house, and all the little Charming Tail bunnies are now in a small curio I had. Before I had NO place to display them... or my little collection of bird pairs.

Oh, FIVE minutes after the china cabinet was put in my study, my orange cat...Jazz aka Trouble...had leaped from my desk on to the TOP of it. I couldn't believe him! Not only a long leap, UP, but the top of cabinet was only about 6" from the lowered ceiling there. I could have brained Jazz for thinking that was his new nap spot. So I found a big rose garland I'd stored, and put it up there to keep him OFF. It worked, whew. I don't want kitty claws scratching that china cabinet on the way or down!

Blasted cat. LOL.

This bit of "retail therapy" did wonders for me last week. I've been having a bit of problem dealing with

things (thank you Fibromyalgia. Arrgghh). I decided if I was going to hurt that bad in my legs and back,

I might as well browse the antique mall and earn the pain. LOL. I had a wonderful day just looking at

all the stuff with my friend. Tho nearly 3 hrs on my feet. But worth every minute!! ;o)

(wish you were with me again, Luvs, we had too much fun the day you were, and need that again. Time to visit AZ)

hugs, Karen

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Karen, what a great day! Love that curio, I am so envious. Iwould have to get rid of something else to have room for that, Maybe the stove .... LOL That is a neat tea pot too.So far I only have a couple of tea pots. I"ve got more "collections" now than I have room for, santas, cookbooks,dishes and dishes and more dishes. Today I found a neat small (5 egg) deviled egg dish, just right for us when no one else is here, Dh and DS love deviled eggs. Also I found a lovely large hand painted pasta bowl that sorta od matched some other serving pieces that I already had. My fibro has been making my sholders hurt today, but it is raining too so that may be part of it. I found the nectarines that I wanted to can and freeze so I know what I will be doing Monday.Probably not another chance for "therapy" until after next weekend and the wedding. Say a little prayer for me that I"ll get through next week. Hugs to you, Janet

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Your china cabinet is a work of art! And I don't mean just the beautiful cabinet itself...but the collection of bunnies & the arrangement of your bunnies inside! WOW! I love it! What a great find & I cannot blame Jazz for wanting to make it his nap place (LOL!) I do not have cats...but my good friend does & so I know a bit about their behaviors! (Trouble, aka Jazz) LOL!

The teapot is GORGEOUS! What a find...knowing you love horses, I can see why this is a perfect pc for you! I'm so glad you enjoyed your day...& have noticed you missing for a bit...good thoughts coming your way & better days ahead! Not fun! Prayers & a big hug, too! TFS your "special finds!" Jeanne S.

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How fantastic that you found that teapot at the local antique mall--and for a much better price than even on Ebay! The shopping angels were watching out for you! (I always say that when I find a really good deal on something I've wanted) ;o)

Wonderful cabinet too, and with so many shelves for all your bunnies. You did a great job arranging them too, it really looks neat.

So glad you were able to get out and about. I'm looking forward to visiting Phoenix again and hitting that antique mall with you. Might make it this fall, and if not, for sure towards the end of January! Leave a few goodies at the mall for me, would you! LOL (Just teasing, that place is HUGE.)


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Kasren, great finds!!
I, too, love teapots and your "new" curio looks amazing.
Sorry you are in pain, but the retail therapy and the decorating are wonderful distractions!!
Hugs back at ya.


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It looks wonderful!!! What a lucky find. The teapot is beautiful as well and I will be looking for a transferware plate with horses. Are you trying to find a particular color?? I ALWAYS look at transferware when we are "junking" :^)
I think your kitty's sister is named Posie. We had Grandma Camp this past week, so Posie was feeling left out plus intimidated by all of the small persons who wanted to pester her. I went looking for her yesterday afternoon and found her sleeping in a big basket that is stored on TOP of my 6 1/2' tall secretary!! How did she get up there???? Who knows, she's a cat...what can I say!
Great finds for you, maybe they were worth at least some of the pain!

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I'm so glad to hear that you are out and about and the great buys sound pretty good also. I've never seen that transfer with the horses, I'll keep an eye out now. Wow, what a great display cabinet, I love all the bunnies grouped like that, they make a fantastic display. It's so hot and humid here I don't much feel like shopping or anything else. It's supposed to be 105 with a heat index of 115-120 for the next couple of days. Why am I whining to someone who lives in AZ, how dumb is that.

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slinkey glad to hear you had a good & 'Fun' day!
I can sympathize w/you on leg and back pain...having to deal with Lupus...I usually deal with 'Flair Ups' that often 'Rule' what I do or don't do.
Love the B&W teapot...great deal on that..You were certainly rewarded with your patience!
I agree that your display cabinet looks just beautiful. I LOVE>>>LOVE>>>LOVE your Bunnies! You have one of the most beautiful collections I've seen..and they seem to be Multiplying ...ALL ON THEIR OWN!! lol
Great story on Jazz...Glad you found a way to 'Out Smart' that 'Smarty Cat' !!


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