cynandjonMay 10, 2013

Our double sink top for our MB is 7 ft long. We would like to use a dresser or side board for the vanity but we are having a problem finding one that is 7 ft. Could we use a 6 for 6.5 ft piece of furniture and have an overhang on each side or would it not look right?

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I have a similar size for my vanity area and have been considering using a vintage buffet if I could find one to fit and have also been considering options if I can't find one large enough.

I think if the overhang is more than a couple of inches it is going to look awkward. Is it possible to shorten the sink top a few inches? That may be the best route if possible.

Is your vanity in an alcove with walls on either side? If you do cut down the top you will leave a gap on either side and you should consider cleaning in the gap between the vanity and the wall or things falling down there. For some this is a deal-breaker, others don't seem to mind, but you do want to make sure the gap is at least 3-6 inches to make it easier to clean/retrieve items.

Another option if you are in an alcove is to fill the space with a wide filler (see picture from This may be more difficult if you are going with a stained finish, but if it is painted, the filler could be easily painted to match the vanity.

I am looking forward to hearing/seeing more of your plans, because my reno is a ways off yet!

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Thanks for your response.
I like the vanity in that photo, very nice.
I don't believe the top could be cut very easily Its a solid surface material. We would probably need a wet saw.
We picked the top up at a flea mkt for 20 dollars, never used. I am thinking maybe we could build a shelf unit at the ends to accommodate things like TP and wash rags, soap, since it will be next to the bidet & toilet on one side and tub on the other. What do you think of that idea?. How would that look?

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Wow! $20 for a top at the flea market - I am jealous!!

Are you thinking something like this?

Traditional Bathroom by Cambridge Architect Frank Shirley Architects


Contemporary Bathroom by Vancouver Interior Designer Claudia Leccacorvi

Shifting all the space to one side would make the shelves bigger, and possibly more useful, especially if you end up with a 6'5" dresser, but if the holes are already cut in your top for sinks/faucets that might not be an option.

...of course if the sink and faucet holes still need to be cut, and you are going to have them done by a pro, then shortening the counter wouldn't be much more.

What style are you aiming to achieve? I think adding the shelves would work best with a dresser with predominantly straight lines. A very curvy piece would be hard to make the added shelves "blend" but either a more contemporary or a simple shaker style if you prefer a more vintage/country look could work well.

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I considered making it all to one side but Since the dresser is only 6ft, we have to center it or one of the sinks won't be on the dresser. there is a very wide space in between the sinks.
So its more like the second photo but not the farm type sinks. Although that is very pretty.

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