Have you heard this one? Quit washing your jeans.

albert_135October 12, 2010

Quit washing your jeans

BTW, this link is to a news story. I've no idea how long it will be good, years perhaps or then perhaps just hours.

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Assuming there are no stains, spills, dirt, body fluids/sweat, and that they have been on a clean body, jeans should be washed every 3rd or 4th wear. The fabric starts to degrade making the jeans look 'old' when not washed *properly*. Washing isn't the main problem, it is using cycles and detergents that are too harsh. Jeans should be turned inside-out and I prefer permanent press, warm water, cold rinse, and a lower spin cycle. Also, I think hang-drying works best, or drying on the delicate cycle and removing when still slightly damp. Would like to know anyone else's thoughts, best practices, etc. I spend about $200 each on jeans so I want to take care of them, but I'm not about to go 6 months without washing them!

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The whole purpose of that article is to push a ridiculous eco agenda. I'm about as eco-minded as the next guy, but like with anything, there are those who push the idea to the extreme. This is a perfect example. Ludicrous.

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When I was in college, I wore one pair of jeans every day for a semester. Yes, they smelled. But I loved them. Now I'll wear a pair of pants a couple of times and was them. I do at least one load of lundry daily. I change sheets every week. To each his/her own.

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I'd think jeans would smell pretty "gamey" after 6 months...HAHAHA! I don't do anything strenuous in my jeans and after a few wearing, they need washing!

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I've worn jeans for a long time before washing them. They don't get too dirty or smelly because, well, that's what undies are for, and the rest of my leg skin doesn't produce much sweat or oil.

When I do wash "fashion" jeans, I treat them like a super-delicate item because of the dyes and fabric finishes. It's ironic because the underlying denim twill-weave cotton is about as sturdy as you could get. Some of the fashion denim recommends dry cleaning only, to maintain the fabric dye and finish! No way! I turn them inside out, use cold water and a mild detergent with a color preserver and no optical brightener, like Woolite Dark.

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Find a vinegar company's web site and there should be a recipe of vinegar and salt that you soak new jeans in to set the dye. This has been common around here since the 70's that I know of. It's been a "helpful Hint" in many mag. articles.

My Uncle still takes his "dress jeans" to the dry cleaners most the time, but he has more money then I do.

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