Help with Appliance choices and hood to match!

riveroakgirlApril 18, 2013

Hi everyone,
I've been reading this forum for awhile. . . and loving all the great feedback. So I thought I'd chime in to get your feedback on our new kitchen.
My husband and I are building a new home on our cattle/table grape ranch here in Central California and our good friend is the builder (he built a home for us in 1997 that worked out great!). With that relationship we are trying to balance honoring his great deal on a building price with getting the right combination of cooking tools. All these are going into a kitchen that's part of a great room - so quiet and clean are key priorities. But I also do alot of cooking! So here goes. . . .Cooktops are a
Thermador Freedom Induction 36" and a Wolf multifunction gas burner 15" placed side by side. Under these will go a Wolf Steam/Convection Oven 27" and a Thermador pro Oven 30". i decided on this combination after test driving the induction cooktop at the Purcell Murray showroom in the Bay area. I was previously in awe of the Capital Culinarian, but the Freedom induction really blew me away! Anyway, my main dilemma now is what type of hood liner to choose - I think I need a hefty one with high CFMs because I often use all my burners at once. And since I'll be cooking in the living room essentially, I'd like to have the ventilation be on the quieter side. I've look at a 52" VentAHood with inline blower that the appliance guy swears is super quiet. I'd love to know what feedback you have on that? And i've looked into the Abakka hood liner 52" x 25" x 12" with remote (roof) blower. Love the 7 year warranty and the apparent quiet of the vent. . . I'd love feedback on this brand as well. This liner is the most expensive one I'm shopping - so i want to make certain it's really necessary. Also, I'm not sure I'm getting the correct size for my cooktops - they will be at least 52" wide if installed right beside each other. . . .and the counter top is extra deep at 36" because we are using some of the counter areas for appliance garage thingys. Well. . . I've written more than I planned. Looking forward to your comments!

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No expert here but 60 inch hood would be a possibility is this an island ?

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There is a XLNT HVAC company in San Jose.

Even though I'm in S. Calif, I bought from them, and they designed and shipped the whole thing, even down to the continuously variable speed control for the outside blower.

Just try googling HVAC San Jose, if you can't find it, I will try to find my invoice for it, but I was really happy with both their pre sales, and post sales support.

I had not discovered Garden Web, yet, and I was completely "on my own", except for their expert help, in designing the venting system for our kitchen,
(Wife did NOT want a Hood).
We are very happy with the result, plenty of power when you "Kick it up" and nice and quiet at lower settings.


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