MBa layout help (pics)

sotodogMay 14, 2012

My MBa has several obstacles to overcome. When we built the house, we had them install a rectangular shower where our current shower is but it cut off the room too much. I'm attaching a picture and a potential layout for the reno. As you can see the closet, sinks and toilet would remain in place (also keeping costs down). I am proposing switching the tub and shower locations.

Concerns with the shower are:

What to do about window along the outside wall.

Is 4x7ft too big?

I am assuming a tub that is 4x5 ft.

I haven't been able to come up with any other layouts that really work and I am open to suggestions. One other feature we have is a skylight that is kind of over the open area in front of the bath almost all the way to the shower.

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So, what is the goal here? To get a bigger shower?

I think you can do that in place (without swapping). But, what is the goal?

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We would like a bigger shower. When we built the house we had the builder put in a standard rectangular shower in place of this one and it came too far out and cut off the rest of the room. So we feel that we can't put a bigger shower in the location that this shower is.

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Hm. Well, probably not a standard sized one. But, you will likely be custom if you swap its location anyway. So, why not a larger shower in place with a corner chopped off?

(I'm not trying to be devil's advocate... just thinking).

I will keep thinking.

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