Gas double ovens?

FFSchooleyApril 9, 2012

With a remodel in the future I have been doing a lot of reading here looking for advice on double ovens. My wife absolutely wants doubles and I dont object even though I know that a single oven with speed oven would work just as well. I will continue to see if i can convince her because it will help me with my dilemma. Here it is: I had settled on wolf double ovens until I saw that they dont make gas doubles. I really want gas especially since I use a gas oven with infrared broiler at work and LOVE the infrared broiler. I could get electric ovens and a salamander but that is getting kinda pricey.

So the question is what 30" gas double ovens are recommended? I have a bluestar cooktop and love it to death, so i have considered getting two of their ovens. Any other thoughts?

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I think the only company making gas 30" doubles is American Range.

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I have heard that some electric ovens have infrared now as well.

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