Help me solve Miele Install Problem

sarendsApril 22, 2012

OK, we had resolved to install these items in a rack, top to bottom:

Miele Microwave

Miele Speed Oven

Miele Warming Drawer

(we also have a center island with an old Chambers electric oven mounted below counter top)

However, here is our issue - there is too much space remaining after the install of the three items and we would need to add a big filler or another drawer at the bottom (which we were hoping not to have to do - the current microwave is broken and we are going kinda nutty without one so we don't want to delay to get cabinet work done unless we absolutely have to).

OK, here is how the above three items takeup space top to bottom:

Microwave - 18'

Speed Oven -18'

Warming Oven 11'

Total = 47'

Out space is 55' top to bottom with a drawer that sits below the 55' opening. Soooo, the above install leaves us with a whopping 8' hole between the three Miele items and the drawer - if we added another drawer that would be fine, but we don't really need it but especially we don't want to have to find a cabinet maker to come over to install one drawer.

Another solution (to fill the space better) would be to build the rack as follows:

Miele Speed Oven

Miele Oven

Miele Warming Drawer

The Miele oven uses up 5 more inches of the unwanted 8 inches. However, we wanted to end up with a microwave because we have heard that if the speed oven is doing non-microwave things, what do you use for a microwave? We figured we wanted a microwave AND a speed oven AND an oven (remember we have the old Chambers in our center island.

Any ideas how to creatively use up the 8 inch gap? Aren't Miele items usually installed one immediately below one another?


PS - I included a mockup I made of the area using a Bosch oven (not desired anymore) so you can see generally the area we are using)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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You're going to have to have cabinet work anyway. They don't sit directly on top of each other. All of these will need platforms to sit on and fillers in between them to cover the platforms.

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Greendesigns, I have seen several (most actually) Miele gallery pictures that do NOT show wood or cabinets in between the Miele appliances . Perhaps it is there, but is behind the mount/face plates. If you haven't seen this let me know and I will post links that clearly show this.

The above install, albeit very nice, is NOT how I see most Miele installs.


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