Swanstone shower wall panels?

von4nowMay 20, 2013

Has anyone installed Swanstone shower wall panels? Our contractor installed them last week and we have several potential problems with it. There is a crack in one of the vertical trim pieces at the juncture of the back and side panels. And there are gaps between the panels and the vertical trim pieces. Our contractor says it was because the panels were not entirely squared, and flat. He says he is going to caulk the gaps to ensure water won't seep into the dry wall behind it. I am worried it won't take care of the problem entirely and also that the caulk will be ugly ad difficult to keep clean.
Any one have any similar experience and what did you do with it?

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Sophie Wheeler

You're supposed to use the color matched two part epoxy that solvent welds the trim pieces to the panels. And it is FAR more likely that the substrate wasn't flat rather than the panels themselves. They have a certain amount of flex to them, and if heated a bit with a heat gun, can bend slightly. Slightly. But the wall behind them has to be FLAT. And that, and the fact that he didn't use the correct epoxy, is what the problem probably is.

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