Slide bar for my only showerhead - 24 or 36 inches?

rsoronenMay 10, 2012

I want to use a slide bar and handshower in my bathroom as the only shower. I got the idea from Staceyneil's bathroom (thanks!). What length slide bar should I get? I'm thinking a 36" would be best, but the styles that have a 36" bar are limited and the one I really want only comes in a 24". I want to hang the bar as high as a normal showerhead would be, but have the flexibility to make it a lower hanging it that high with a 24" bar wouldn't let me go THAT low with it.... Is there something I'm not thinking of, or am I OVER-thinking it?

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I'm not sure what your fixture style is, but we chose the Delta 51508 because we wanted a slide bar with a cross handle adjuster to match our Grohe Seabury cross handle tub and sink fixtures. We are purchasing a Grohe handshower to use with this slide bar. It's actually 29 inches, and I think it will be perfect (it's being installed next week, so we haven't used it yet). I really think a 24 inch would have been fine as well, but I like having a little bit more room. I don't know that the 36 inch would have been all that much more useful to us.

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I'm just wrapping up my bathroom reno. I had a similar issue, and I went with the 36" Grohe 28-819 chrome showerbar. It also comes in a 24". I've got it in conjunction with Grohe Geneva trim and I think they look fine together. The style is very minimalist; there's a channel in the mounting brackets to contain the hose. The bracket that holds the showerhead is awesome - I looked at many and I think this is the most secure of the lot; it grips about 1" of the handheld and has a nylon trim on its inner edge to give it even more traction. It pivots and swivels and slides - oh my! I'm short; I got the 36" so I can move the handheld down low and use the massage and jet sprays to get a nice lower back massage. At some point, I may splurge on the optional rain shower attachment; it holds the shower head higher and more away from the wall for a nice rainshower experience. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the input!! I think I'm going to go with a 36"... I really don't want to regret NOT getting it a few years down the road.

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