I need a shortcut, or suggestions

Teri MastroianniOctober 19, 2008

I have clear glass shelves (entertaint center tower) that holds my stereo ,cd player,etc. as well as a matching piece that holds my tv and dvr equip. Every day it looks dusty, even right after I dust! I am thinking about covering them maybe, so it hides it better. Should I go with fabric or a frosted window covering? Does anyone have suggestions? Thank you in advance


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The problem is all thpose components create static electricitu that attracts dust. Get an "ion shooter"...it's a sort of a gun thing that emits negative ions and keeps the static neutralized.
I am remembering very well when my son broke a beanbag chair....and those bean things just jumped up on the glass stereo cabinet....and when you shot them with the ion gun they fell off.Linda C

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Never heard of such a thing, but apparently it is called an antistatic gun. I don't think that's the answer to regular cleaning, but you learn something new every day.

Anyhow, back to your question. This is why I buy closed shelving units for audio and video devices. I doubt that you can retrofit coverings on an entertainment tower, but make sure that whatever you use allows the remotes to send the signal through - frosted glass or fabric won't.

For dusting them, I would try the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner or a lightly moistened microfiber cloth.

Here is a link that might be useful: antistatic gun

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I have a glass top coffee table. About once a month, I wasah it with Windex. In between, I dust with used dryer sheets. Don't know why, but they pick up every bit of dust.

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Teri Mastroianni

Thanks guys. It is 5 and 1/2 feet tall with 6 shelves. The glass isnt surrounded by anything so it shows EVERYTHING. Its frustrating. I clean it with swiffers and cleaners and it still shows too much for me. I dont think there would be a problem with reception, since it isnt really surrounding the equipment. I will dwfinatly check out the gun, and I may end up picking a frosted type liner or something. No matter what, It looks dusty and it drives me crazy! Thanks again!

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I use "Endust" for Electronics. I use a "Micro-Fiber" towel dammpened and dry with a "Flour Sack " dish towel. This works very well for me. It's Anti-Static and the dust does not seem to build up as soon. It's great!

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I think that if you use a frosted type liner, it just might look like its completely covered with dust! You might try looking at the patterned window films they sell (either Google it or look on eBay).

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Teri Mastroianni

Very true! I bet you are right about that pammyfay! Thanks!

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