Anyone have the new Bissell Steam & Sweep

kath1966October 5, 2010

Bissell has a new product called Steam & Sweep. I have been tempted to purchase this item but would like to see some user reviews.

I now have a Bissell steam cleaner & like it very much but would like to vacuum and steam clean in one step. If anyone here has one or has tried one please let me know how well it works.

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I don't have one, but I went to the Bissell website and looked at it. They fail to mention anything about water temperature, a sign the boiler isn't powerful and doesn't superheat the water. They don't mention the size of the water tank or how long it takes to heat the water. And it has a water filter that replaced periodically, but there is no mention of the cost or frequency.

Make sure you read the on-line User's Guide before you buy for these two pieces of information not mentioned in the ads (and contradictory to the ads):

Before you clean
The Steam & Sweep can be used as a sweeper and a steam mop at the same time. For best results, use the Steam & Sweep's powerful sweeper to clear floor of dust and small debris before mopping.


The water tank is located on the back of the Steam & Sweep. It can be refilled with water any time during use. Distilled or demineralized water is recommended in place of tap water.

Here is a link that might be useful: User's guide

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It's the Good Housekeeping product of the month and has a good review on there. Hopefully this helps. I'm thinking of buying one too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Good Housekeeping review

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Kath1966, You said you "would like to 'vacuum' and steam clean in one step." I looked at the Steam & Sweep tonight and was disappointed. I had assumed "sweep" meant "vacuum". I was wrong. It is only a sweeper.

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I own one and love it. I don't know how hot it gets, but you can't touch the bottom when it is cleaning because, it's steaming!!! In other words, hot enough to turn water into steam - so it is definitely disinfecting plus the heat helps get stubborn dirt and stains up.

I can do the whole house with one water tank. I don't have carpet anywhere - just hard floor and tile.

It does SWEEP not VACUUM. But it works great as a sweeper - and you can sweep and steam at the same time, saving you time.

And the water filter costs $13 and needs to be replaced ever 4 - 5 months at my house. Less if you use demineralized water.

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I recently purchased this machine. Don't waste your money! It's heavy and difficult to manuever for a not really strong, short statured person like me. the second pad supplied won't stay on so have to keep taking off the original pad (very hot), rinsing and wringing it out while doing my floor. The sweeper part is a joke - you end up with a wet pile of gunk in the sweeper tank. Leaves lots of streaks on the floor unless you go over the same spot 3-5 times. Definitely would not recommend this product

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i have the new steam and sweep and absolutely love it!! I have ceramic tile throughout my house and 6 children and it does an amazing job. the temperature of the water is very hot! it saves so much time on cleaning. it even picks up every little speck of dirt. now i can walk on my floors barefoot without getting grit on the bottom of my feet. it seems like a regular broom just wouldn't get everything. the only downfall is that it is almost impossible to get into corners so i hand wash those but i still cut about an and a half off of my cleaning time!! it is an awesome product and it is priced fairly cheap!!! my teenage daughters even want to use it!!!

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I got one for christmas and I agree with Audrey. I have it and the sweeper part is a joke. It just make a mess pushes dirt into wet piles. Also because of the sweeper thing I can't get right up against the wall very easily. I still have to swiffer vac before I steam to pick up dirt unless i want a muddy mess. I should have gotten the Shark Steamer. That's what i originally wanted but i thought i would 'save a step' and get this one. :P

I have a dog and 2 cats and I generally only have time to clean floors once a week maybe it isnt so bad if you use it daily. I agree it does get pretty hot I wouldn't go near the bottom while its on or for awhile after its off. I like that i can wash the pads.

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I am the original poster. At the time I couldn't find any user reviews so based on the article from Consumer Report I went and purchased one. I absolutely hate this machine. It doesn't sweep well and I am left with a bunch of black "gunk" on the floor when I steam. The machine doesn't get anywhere close to the baseboard nor under the cabinets. I am still using my old Bissell steam mop which I love while the steam and vac collects dust in the corner of my utility room.
Save your money!

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I was thinking of purchasing it. I know Bissell makes other models besides the steam and sweep. I also read a review about Bissel's steam and sweep other models and might purchase one. I will write a review later on.

Below is an article I found which gives an overview of of Bissel steam and sweep and other similar models.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bissell Steam and Sweep Overview

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I have not tried it, I loved my Bissell steam mop (the original) which I had for over 8 years... then I gave that one away (still worked perfectly great) and upgraded to their Profresh, which I like equally well for performance but like the pads ease of ease better.

I think a steam mop is best as a dedicated tool, not trying to hybridize it and skip a step. Sweep or vacuum separately, then steam mop! You have to move the mop back and forth to clean anyway so you know the vacuum/sweep can't be very effective as it can't always work in front of the mop.

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