Gibby are you still around?

marmoreusMay 13, 2010

If you are, I'd love to see pics of your bathroom with the subway tiles and limestone floors. Also wonder what you used for your shower floors.


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Are you talking about this Gibby? I'm still around but due to analysis paralysis my bathroom project had not yet started because I still can't decide on too many things. I have a tub/shower combo so no shower floor for me and I'm not having limestone floors under any circumstances. Maybe you are looking for a different Gibby.

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Hi gibby3000--

The gibby I am looking for just had the user name gibby and had finished a bathroom using those items. They were going to post pics but never did.

So what flooring are you thinking of? I need ideas and inspiration! :)

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It's funny, I just found this. Did you do your limestone floors and subway tile?

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