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bonnieann925July 10, 2010

It's that time again, we're hosting our wine/gourmet group of 10. We're growing as our "children" want to join us. So our youngest DD, who's 22 will be here and a friend's daugter and her two young children will also be joining us. I just came in from the rain showers with my fresh picked flowers for the centerpiece, which will come off as soon as the food is on the table! It's so hot and muggy here. I made a fresh blueberry pie.yum!

Nothing says July like blueberry pie:

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How pretty! And yummy ;o). What time should I be there?

hugs, Karen

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Beautiful table Bonnie. That pie looks good enough to eat..Can you share your recipe. We have a few blueberries too. If we can get a head of the birds

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Pretty table Bonnie..
The soft blues are so cool and summery looking and your flowers add a lovely touch of color.
I'm sure your pie will be a hit. It looks so yummy.
Have fun.


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Wow, that's a big dinner table...looks so lovely & summery...your blue china is beautiful as is the white runner with your bouquet of fresh flowers...washed by the rain! Great lookin' pie...wish I had inherited that skill from my gr'ma! Looks a table where they'll be lots of laughter & fun conversations! TFS! Jeanne S.

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I love blue dinnerware and tablecloths and yours are lovely. There is something so serene about blue. It looks like you have a good selection of beautiful flowers on hand. And I could eat that whole pie by myself, isn't that a terrible thought. I know ya'll had a blast.

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Wowza, I'm jealous!! I can make a pretty pie that even tastes good, but that table is beautiful!!! I love the matelasse' runner! I have looked everywhere for one with NO success!!
Thanks for showing us your pretty blue and white dishes.

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Thanks ALL so much! Jaybird, I'll keep my eye out for another runner like that for you, ok? Creekdweller, the pie crust is from the original Betty Crocker Cookbook. It's never failed me, although making the pastry on a hot, humid day was a challenge!

We had so much fun. I thought it would be a nice change to actually see people around the table! Here's the gang, missing on our our DD's who surprised us later in the meal on her way home from New York.

I was still cleaning up/putting things away today. We had weekend guests, who left today.

The hunky guy at the head of the table is my DH!!! He's a great host.

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It looks wonderful Bonnie! Is that local corn? Ours is just starting to be harvested.
Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves.

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Lovely tablescape and it certainly looks like everyone enjoyed the meal and being together--doesn't get any better than that! ;o)


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Thanks Kathleen and Luvs. Yes, the corn is local from Concord, MA and is was sooooo good!

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I love the combinations of the blues and white. I'm going to pretend I didn't see the yummy looking pie though since I'm on a major cut back diet. *sigh...lol*
A happy looking group you had as well. It looks like they really enjoyed theselves and that makes it all worthwhile.

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