Which driveway surface to use?

cburdick1April 10, 2013

Hello all,

We are in the process of redesigning our driveway, but are unsure as to which surface would be best suited to our use.

Here's the issue: Due to the configuration of our lot, negotiating the new driveway will require a tight 3 point turn. My concern is that on a hot day, making tight turns on hot asphalt is going to tear the surface up. So, paving stones might be a better solution. The rub is that pavers are about 2x as expensive to install. They sure do look pretty though.

So, do you all think that my concerns about asphalt are warranted, or am I just worrying too much?

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I think location is an important factor. I hate the look of asphalt, but when we lived in the northeast it made the most sense. Much easier to plow and less prone to heave with the frost.

We are now in CA and we recently ripped up the asphalt driveway, redesigned it and used pavers. It really changes the look of the house and I think it is well worth the additional cost.

Another benefit of pavers is that if you ever need to access any utility lines, drains, etc that are under your driveway, it is so easy to pull up the pavers make the repairs and lay the pavers back down. An asphalt or cement driveway won't look so good after being dug up and patched up.

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You can mix sections of pavers with asphalt.

Photo: G.Wain Membrane.com

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