Decor report from Jaybird's Princess Posie

jaybirdJuly 7, 2010

Well, we had a pretty good weekend. Mom was around to feed me 43 times a day and Pop showed up more often than usual. I can usually talk him out of a little food too, but he's askeert of Mom, 'cause he won't give me very much at a time!

Yesterday they 'bout wore me out..they were in and out and in and out. I have to run from window to window to supervise since they won't take me outside with them! bah.......

Saturday I had a LOT of fun with a bug. I followed him around all afternoon, and after I swatted him a few times, he would lay in the window playin' dead. A while later he would take off again and I got to chase him all around. Mom was turnin' blue holding her breath when I got near the windows. She puts all those gee-gaws in the windows and then I am in a WORLD of hurt if'n I knock anything over. But a girls gotta' chase them bugs....Ella told me so!!

Yesterday I found a bug, and I shoulda' known when Mom started grinning, that I oughta' leave that sucker alone, but a girls gotta' do what a girl's know????

Well, I chased Mr. Bug around for a while, and then he lit on the front window. Huh think's I...wonder why he is making this so simple. So, I eased up on him and crouched down and wagged my fanny jist right...then I LUNGED and WHAM....that bug zapped me with about 2000 volts......acted like he was gonna' kiss me, and MEOWZA....the side of my face felt like it exploded!!!!! I yowled and squawked and jumped all over the dining room. Mom acted like she was gonna' roll in the floor laughing, but she finally came to my rescue and rubbed some ice on my face. Later she put a little benadryl on it and let me sleep on her 'till I recovered. I guess I'll forgive her for laughing............................................someday!! She told me that I had better learn the difference between a mud dauber and a wasp! Now what self respecting cat knows about all that there stuff????????

Today I have the house to myself 'till Miss Melissa comes along to visit with me. That is good because I'm tared out and need the rest!! Mom waltzed up and down the attic steps a few times, and now I have a nice clean bedspread to decorate with cat hair 'n such!! Wonder what else she's got up there???? (she probably doesn't know either!)

Y'all have a purrfect week....................ZZZZZZZ.............snore................

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Jaybird, That is so cute. Sounds like my house, I Love Cats..Just adopted identical twin white boys with blue eyes. In all my life, I have never been able to not tell kittens apart..Even put collars on them in different colors. Unless I can see the collar, I still can't tell them apart.. It could be I am not as young as I used to be..LOL

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LOL! Posie, you certainly had a wonderful, adventureous weekend! You are truly loved! So good to hear from you! Jeanne S.

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Ah Posie, you need to be careful what bugs you hunt. You must be a good Princess cat, I don't hear your Mom complaining about you RE-decorating the house much. Maybe its just the boys that are the brats. (I have two girls and two boys, so I am pretty sure re-decorating is a male thing. LOL) Jazz..aka Trouble..apparently couldn't move the Megabunny I recently bought, so he gave up and passed out.

Creek, when you get the photo thing figured out, we need to see a photo of the twins. I love white kitties, tho haven't had one in many years.

hugs, Karen

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Oh gosh, what a fun way to start my morning, reading about Princess Posie's antics! No kitties here ( both my kids are allergic to them), but I always love seeing pics of them and hearing about their funny adventures. Creek, your twin boys are darling! Karen, such a funny pic! That's a huge bunny statue, BTW!
Here's our own little princess. Her legal AKC registration name is Princess Chloe of __ __ (name of her breeder line ).

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Posie would love to play with all of these other cuties!!
Creek, we need to see pictures of your twins...they sound amazing.
Lynn, that snow looks heavenly and Miss Chloe is a beauty. How is your big dog doing??
Karen, your troublemaker looks pooped!! He must have worked pretty hard on that rabbit :^)
Thanks Jeanne....Posie IS an adventure!! But she never seems to do much damage so I had better be thankful!!

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Sounds like life is good for Princess Posie, except for the wasp sting. Everyone's babies are adorable. No kitties at my house either, I'm allergic. But, two weeks ago I found a mama kitty and 5 kittens under the storage shed at my work. So, I've been feeding them and trying to give them away with little success, one has been adopted. I work at a radio station on which I have run commercials, placed an ad in the paper and have a sign out front, everything short of sitting in the Wal-mart parking lot with them in a box. I'm getting ready to call the animal shelter. We can't keep 5 cats, soon there will be 25, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Jaybird, Ronin's doing fantastic these days, thank goodness!!!! He's turned into a real gem of a dog and we love him. His allergies seem to finally be under control and he finally figured out how to ask (speak) when he needs to go out. It took months, though! I ended up buying a piece of expensive (because water, etc. drains quickly through it) artificial turf/grass and put it down in the dog's kennel, as he hated to walk on the gravel in there and it worked. BTW, their kennel is only their "bathroom; we don't keep them out there, as they're our furkids. In retrospect, we think all these initial problems were just because of the way he was raised in his first home of three years. He must have been kept outside most of the time in a grassy backyard.
Any pics of your Princess Posie????

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Here she is "helping" me make a table cloth :^)

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LOL Posie. Should I expect to find some little white hairs on my purple Christmas napkins?

hugs, Karen

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Yes Ma'am, and in the box, and anywhere else the little brat can deposit them!!! You may even find some SEWN in the napkins as she likes to sit beside me when I sew! crazy cat!!

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Awwww, cute pic! She looks very comfy and was probably thinking, "Yes, thank you for putting down one more bed for me, Mom".

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