3rd try for Shopping Spree

PurplemoonJuly 4, 2010

I had 3 separate little shopping jaunts during the past week! Amazing....might be a record for me and my darn Fibromyalgia. 'Retail therapy' makes a very happy gal. I stopped in Ross one afternoon last week, its just 5 min from me. I found a neat crackled candle lantern on clearance for $6.99. Then my daughter took me to Hobby Lobby and TJ Maxx on Tues. I had a ball shopping with her. And lots of sales at H.L.

I got the red metal dessert stands for half price! The smaller one was $5 and the larger was $6 or $7. (they had another taller one but I had to behave and settle for two. LOL). I can use them for Christmas, Valentines, and Patriotic decorating, so a great buy I think. The two little wire candle holders came from Goodwill and are very pretty, look brand new too.

Hobby Lobby also had half-off Fall and Christmas decor...but I made myself stay out of the Christmas

section. I really was trying to behave. LOL But I couldn't resist the Fall....the Metal Leaves wall-hanging and Bottle Cap Fall Letters hanging were $5 each. The Swag was $10.

TJ Maxx had a purple vase-candleholder that matches the pilar one I got at Home Goods last month. Its super heavy glass and was just $7.

Today was half-off Saturday at Goodwill and I couldn't resist going. Tho I tried... and thankfully I

failed. I was thrilled with my treasure-shopping. These 5 heavy ruby glasses cost me $6 total. There were more of each of the 3 styles, but another lady was wanting them too. She took all but one of the stems. :o(

I couldn't believe these buys either A set of 4 Fall burner covers for one dollar! I just showed one of each size. They look more like plates in my photos, don't they? The acorn is a candle holder,and a big new pilar candle is always a good find.

And lastly....each of these were JUST A DOLLAR ! Woooo Hooo! My Goodwill can be kind of high at times, so I sure was surprised at what all I got for so little. The two heavy pottery bowls, the rabbit tureen, a bottle of sea shells, a pretty lead crystal glass shell, and a sweet little Mama gardener bunny with her babies. (for Easter or Spring decorating.)

hugs, Karen

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I love those dessert holders! Now that would look good in my kitchen.

I wonder if HL is open tomorrow? :)

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OMgosh, purplemoon! I am LOL ...3rd time is a charm (posting) & what amazing treasures you found! I really am LOL because I stopped at HLobby one day last wk & I saw those red metal stands w/cloche ...& I thought of YOU! And now we may have been shopping at Hobby Lobby at the same time, but many miles apart!

You certainly found some beautiful glass ... & GW buys! That bunny tureen is sweet! And the red glassware, WOW! And the jar of seashells...I am contemplating a project from GJ...those look great as does the jar itself.

Another TJMaxx beautiful buy! Love the purple! And I love that store ...cause it changes all the time...am hoping to see my Hampton Hammered Oslo silverware there yet! Will keep looking (my 2-place setting from Bed,Bath,Beyond clearance).

TFS your finds! Awesome! Happy July 4th...very wet & rainy here! Jeanne S.

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Oak, I sure hope you can get the dessert stands too.

Jeanne, that's funny we sort of "shopped together" across the miles.
Being from GJ, you (and Marlene and Frou) will understand when I say I first bought the ruby glasses and two heavy white bowls thinking "totem"! LOL. Now I'm not sure I want
to do that. Those glasses are really neat, even if I don't USE them inside. And the two bowls are very nice. Not sure if they are pottery, stoneware, ceramic. How do I tell if they aren't marked? Whatever, they are very heavy.
And in new condition.

hugs, Karen

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Wooowee... Karen you little 'Shopping Diva' !!
What great buys...You always do so well at your GW, and seem to find the cutest bunnies. Love the Ruby Red glassware...I can see them for so many different ocassions.
Now that Purple Vase/Candleholder was just waiting for you!
Great color and shape. I can also see it as a base, with a plate on top of it..seems like a good size to hold one.
The HL cloches will be wonderful for the Holidays..
Karen, Great Finds, and I'm looking forward to seeing


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Karen, I love your treasures, esp, that cute pink bunny tureen. I wasn't aware that you had fibro too. I have suffered with it for years, many of which were undigainosed.I think i just spelled that wrong, but it's just brain fog. I once had one dr. tell me "you're back couldn't be hurting right there; the human body isn't built that way" Too bad we aren't built with the ability to transfer our pain to others. He would have found out pretty quickly just how the human body is built. My family was all here yesterday and I was anxious to get some of my dishes arranged(WE ate outside) and before we could get everything ready the men got hungery, and my son came in and said "Mom, I just told everybody to start eating, there was no use letting it get cold" Men around here just think about their stomachs.HA My fibro and my artheritis were both being uncorporative yesterday and I was just about ready to drop by the time the last left, and I haven't been to good today either--matbe I just need some "Retail therapy"-- just one problem, I don't have the motivation for even that today.Maybe tomorrow will be better. Love reading your posts Janet

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Good for you Karen, so glad you got to get out and find all those nice treasures. Not surprized that you found some neat Fall treasures--I was looking at the ones in Michaels the other day too. How great you found the matching purple vase--and I love Jane's suggestion of using it for a base sometimes too. Gosh, you got so many goodies, I have to keep going back to see what else I wanted to comment on! Those two white bowls look like just the size I like using nowadays--not too big but not too small and not so easy to slop things out of. The red glass is usually hard to find--besides drinking, they can hold candles, flowers, or be added to pretty totems for the yard. Your burner covers are so pretty, sure could be used the same as a decorative plate. And you found a jar of shells right after showing us those neat candleholders the other day! How neat! You will have fun decorating with the pedestal/domes, and you are right--red is good for many holidays. The cracked glass candleholder is really pretty too. Oh heck, I could have just said it was all great finds and just been done with it, couldn't I? LOL So glad you had fun, gal. ;o) Luvs

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Its such fun sharing my 'treasures' with you guys. No one here can really appreciate how excited I get with stuff. But knowing I can show it to all of you sure makes a difference. Things are best if you can share them.

Janet, I've had Fibro for over 18 yrs. Tho it just got really debilatating the last couple. To the point I'm mostly housebound, due to my legs being so bad.
If you want to email me privately, please do. (sangareeKS@aol.com) Sometimes its really good to be able to chat with someone who really understands this darn Fibro. I LOVED your comment...
"Too bad we aren't built with the ability to transfer our pain to others. He would have found out pretty quickly just how the human body is built". I had doctors the first two years of being undiagnosed and misdiagnosed that
I would have LOVED transferring it to. LOL.
Meanwhile, someone sent me a wonderful plaque that I literally keep in front of my face daily!!
(its good for anyone with physical limitations)

"Just because I could yesterday,
doesn't mean I can today.
But just because I can't today
doesn't mean I won't be able to tomorrow."

hugs, Karen

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I just have to comment on your wonderful finds, Karen! I especially love your purple glass urn and have one the same shape except it's clear and gold. So glad you found a purple one! You'll have so much fun 'playing' with all these lovelies.

I haven't been posting much as my focus is mostly on gardening these days which takes more than all my energy. Of course we're still yardsaling on weekends so I have also been doing some 'retail therapy' of my own and will take and post pics eventually.

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Karen...I'm loving that plaque you shared above! (copied it) Wow, how true...thank goodness! And I really do appreciate the excitement you share here! A
Great Group of G..... can't think of any more "g" words...just popped into my head, "greasy, grimy, gopher guts!" (an old Girl Scout campfire tune!) LOL! That's what I love about this forum...can always find a good laugh & appreciation! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, that's hysterical you had that old silly song pop into your head. It happened to me not long ago...and I about sent one of my granddaughter's into total shock. LOL. I have NO idea why I remembered that thing, think it was 6th grade when that was going around.
I can't remember why I walked into a room half the time, yet I remember this crazy (gross) song. Scary isn't it!

LG, hope you have time to post your yardsale goodies soon.

hugs, Karen

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Oh Nooooo....NOT >>> "Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts. !!
I was a Brownie & Scout Leader ...the kids loved to Haunt Me with that song!! lol
You gals are toooo much.
Thanks for the memories...hehehe


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Sorry I'm late posting, we've been camping. Karen, you should feel better after all that shopping therapy. It's all so wonderful. Yes, we GJers know how hard that red glass is to come by and you were very lucky. The purple urn was made for you. But my favorite is the pink bunny tureen, he might just match my kitchen. Those red dessert stands are pretty special also. Where do you find the room to store all those treasures. I have a trunk full right now going to the TS.

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WOW Karen, you did GOOD! Those red glasses and the purple vase would have been worth the trips!! It's all great, but those two are truly beautiful!
Sorry I have been MIA, but life has been hectic. I think we have settled down for a couple of minutes though....at least until Sunday when the next crowd descends.
Have a good week,

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All great finds! but I'm just not ready to face the autumn decor yet. lol!

The only places I've been shopping lately are lumber yards and home improvement stores. I might even find some interesting stuff in those places if I took the time to look around. :)

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