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drewemMay 18, 2012

Going with the frameless glass shower doors with the new build in the Master bath. 2 walls of glass, very nice looking. How do I keep it that way?

I've seen many of your pictures, and a few have squeegies. Should we get one of those? Do I ask for that special glass coating that is in another post? Should I get the hand held shower head on the bar, that way it's easier to wash down the doors?


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We have a glass shower door in our guest bathroom only, so it doesn't see long-term, day-in/day-out use (DH and I used that bathroom exclusively for a few months when our other two bathrooms were being reno'd, and my parents use it during their week-long visits a once or twice a year).

That said, we still wanted to take some precautions so the door/panels would remain clean and clear over time. We used Starphire glass (clear, or low-iron glass--no greenish tint), so our white shower wall tile still appears white when viewed through the glass. We had Clear Shield applied (the glass supplier uses that, others offer ShowerGuard, which is factory applied during the glass manufacturing process). When my parents (or others) are here, we keep a bottle of shower spray and a squeegee in the stall. Hopefully they spritz and squeegee the glass (and walls) after showering! LOL

We don't have a hand-held shower head. When I clean the shower walls and glass, I use 7th Generation Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner, a no-rinse spray cleaner. I spray it on, let it sit for about 10 min, and then spray a little more on the walls or on a microfiber cloth (just to re-wet the surface), and wipe. On the glass, I'll follow up with a little glass cleaner (Perfect Glass from BB&B--no ammonia, and streak/smear-free), inside and out, and wipe with paper towel.

Ours still looks terrific. I think it would still look pretty good if it got daily use, given our post-shower spray/wipe down or squeegee routine (we wipe down our tub walls after showering every day, and the grout and tile still look brand new). Luckily DH wasn't too difficult to convince that an ounce of prevention....well, makes for a cleaner tub/shower surround in the long-run!!!

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See this thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clearshield and other surface protectants

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I agree with catmom.

Squeegee after every shower. I use rainx once in six month. Starphire 1/2" thick glass still looks new after several years.
Once you get used to squeegeeing the glass, it doesnt seem like a burden. Now when i see other people's spotted mirrors, showers doors, I tsk tsk.. (jokingly)

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Thanks for your help!
I never would have thought of rainx. Learn something new everytime I'm in here!

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Micro fiber cloths are little miracle workers. I squeegee and wipe down after each use. As for the Starfire, we do not have because I honestly could not see the difference at a friends home. I have truly tried ( silly me) to look hard to see if I made a mistake....I cannot tell the difference looking at MB white and glass tiles or powder room with tan and white tiles...... with door open vs, closed. I'm pretty sensitive to shade variances, but others may have a far sharper eye. Also, I rather like the very slight green cast on the glass itself...somewhat of a spa feel. I see it on the glass, but not reflected on the tiles.

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