bad tile installation?

shay321May 31, 2014

We just had our shower tiled and we had paper-faced glass mosaic 1"x1" tiles installed as an accent. Some of the tiles look chipped, some don't seem level, and some have what looks like thinset coming up through them. Is this bad workmanship or am I just looking for perfection?

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And another picture.

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Have you tried cleaning them? It just looks like excess grout to me. Pretty tile :)

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Sophie Wheeler

Poor tile quality and hasn't been cleaned enough. Due to it's irregular textured nature, cleaning is more difficult than with standard tiles. The first is on you. The second is on the tiler, as he accepted the tile for install. Be a little lenient though, as most of the issue is the tile itself.

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Is $19/sf glass tile considered poor quality? It seems to be about mid-range price in comparison to the other tiles offered where I bought these. So there's nothing the installer could have done to make these tiles crack?

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I've paid more for glass mosaics and they were cracked, chipped and some even lost the finish. I highly doubt the tile setter chipped them especially in middle of the sheets. They probably weren't inspected well and bad pieces were used. And it looks like a lot of that will still clean up.

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That's good to hear - at least it is not due to installation and can be cleaned up! Thanks!

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Those particular tiles are notoriously difficult to make look smooth and flat. We charge double our usual rate for them. There are a lot of tiles that get removed and replaced during installation to make it look acceptable, and I still don't like it when its done.

If you want a glass tile look with straight grout edges, a smooth flat surface, and a consistent look, then buy other tiles.

On the whole this is fixable by spending some time with a popsicle stick making the grout joints look better.

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