Help Identifying material and worth of this vanity top?

daydreamzzMay 20, 2013

Can anyone identify what type of stone this is? Granite?

IâÂÂm going to be selling it because we decided to just stick with what we have to make our lives easier. We got it at the Habitat for Humanity restore and I can't remember what I paid for it. In your opinion, what is this piece worth? Here are some details:

⢠Double Vanity top
⢠Decorative Ogee edges
⢠Top cutout for dual undermount sinks (not included)
⢠Top pre-drilled for 8" widespread faucets (not included)

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Looks like polished, vein-cut travertine to me.

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Since it is Very specific, I am not sure that you will get a whole lot for it, particularly on someplace like Craigslist where everybody wants everything for nothing, no matter how good it might be.

Since it's a conforming top for a double serpentine front vanity with two undermount sinks and widespread faucets, somebody has to be looking exactly for that and/or be willing to design a vanity around it to be interested at all.

I think this is really going to limit your market. Maybe a woodworker would like it to design and build a vanity around.

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Sophie Wheeler

Dontate it back to Habitat. You will wait a LONG time to find someone who will buy that, and it won't be for very much. It's just too specific.

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Since you don't have the sinks it is worth a lot less. It is not going to be easy to find sinks that will exactly fit those cut outs.

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I'm with the others. Not worth that much. Donate it back and at least you can have a tax deduction for it.

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