Spreadsheet for tracking expenses...

aucorleyApril 24, 2012

I have a crude excel spreadsheet I have created for tracking our expenses on our build. We are doing a cost plus fixed fee contract build.

Has anyone created a spreadsheet to track their home building expenses that they are willing to share?


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I don't have a fancy spreadsheet to share, however I do have a tip. I have my spreadsheet on googledocs. That way me or my husband can access it from any computer (or other device) wherever we are if we need to check something!

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Quite awhile ago, someone posted "Construction Cost Estimate vs Actual" which was very detailed. I happened to
run off a copy, so I think maybe you can search for that and see if you can find it.
Good Luck~

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My builder's draw requests include a detailed spreadsheet of all items for the build, the percentage complete, the amount spent to date, whether we are over/under budget, etc. It is a commercial builders program that he uses. I might check with your builder and see if he uses something similar.

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I modified this to fit our build.....much better than the basic one ai had created in Excel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Construction Management Spreadsheet

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It's nice to have a spreadsheet already worked out for you but the one linked above was apparently poorly translated from another language (Kamode, carpentar) and written for some kind of a developer or construction manager who subs out compete packages of work (turnkey) with strange grouping of work like Interior trim/millwork and something called Hotshots under Rough Lumber. In fact the term rough lumber suggests rough-sawn lumber so the more normal terms in the US are rough carpentry and finish carpentry.

It appears that the amounts in the yellow rows were intended to be the sum of the items immediately below them but the cell formulas have been corrupted in multiple ways.

Athensmomof3 is right, in a Cost of the Work with a Fee contract your contractor should provide you with this information on a spreadsheet weekly or monthly and if you want to add information or break it down differently you should start with that format and add the GC's information as it is issued.

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