I'm posting this for our Jeanne

PurplemoonJuly 3, 2013

With Jeanne's permission, I am posting this....she needs all the prayers and good thoughts you can send her. And I know that will be a LOT as she's a very loved member of our Holiday Family.

I will keep you updated, again with her permission, as its very hard for her to talk about right now.
I 'met' Jeanne on the Garden Junk forum 7 or so years ago, along with Kay-Luvs and Marlene (and Kirk). We love her dearly and she has become a very special friend to all of us. Pray hard for her!

"Update from the last couple weeks of cat scans & biopsy ... I was sent to University of Iowa Hospital (back home now from the appt today) & have a game plan now...starts w/Chemo: "I did good today ... I have more 'tumors' than I knew about ... so the plan of action is 2 types of Chemo 1X a week every 3 weeks for 3X's ... then another Cat Scan & then surgery (that could happen in 3 or 4 mos). My kids updated my Caring Bridge site if you wish to read the journal. I'm a bit overwhelmed yet & very tired right now."
Thanks for your good thoughts & prayers, friends.
~~hugs, jeanne

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeanne's caring bridge journal

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Glad you posted this here Karen to let the others know.
I had read Jeanne's caring bridge
journal from the first 'go around'...She was doing
so good and all seemed so well for her with her check ups.
This is such a terrible shock..Fortunately she has a large, loving and supportive family to help her through not to
mention her Strong Faith.
My prayers are with her and her family.

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I posted on her caring bridge link, but will post here too. So sorry to hear that she has this big challenge ahead of her and will sure keep her in all my prayers.

Jeanne, we love you and are so glad you have family and friends nearby to lend support and love. You have such a sweet, caring spirit and wonderful smile for everyone. Now it's our turn to give you some support and prayers.

Karen, thanks for letting us know.


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I am truly saddened to hear this news.
I'm sorry Jeanne is facing such a difficult time.
She and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.
Thank you for letting us know, Karen

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I am very sorry to learn this, and certainly wish Jeanne all the best.

I read what was posted at your link by both Jeanne and her son and I'm confused.... there are comments about not knowing for certain whether these tumors are even cancerous, but they're planning on doing chemo?!?!?! Also wondering why an MRI wasn't done?! MRI is *far* superior to cat scans for determining what's going on with your liver! (I know this from personal experience).

I have to add that my BF was diagnosed with a sarcoma years ago and they scheduled him for chemo to begin on that July 3. He went in for his first chemo appt and they sent him home because they determined it hadn't metastasized and that chemo could/should not be used as a preventative measure!!! I hope that's not what's going on here and that smarter minds prevail...

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Party, Jeanne has undergone so many tests the past couple of weeks that its entirely possible an MRI was one of them. She's got excellent doctors who've taken care of her for many years. It was 2006 when she was diagnosed with the capillary leakage syndrome, a chronic illness that is very serious. And apparently predisposes one to a particular type of cancer. She has regular tests and check-ups once or twice a year for this very reason. The latest seemed to indicate ovarian cancer but this other hospital wants to do their own biopsies to confirm. A second opinion is a very good thing with things so serious. Also to find out about the other tumors just discovered the past week. I am sure the chemo was not prescribed without a lot of thought and discussion on the part of the doctors as well as Jeanne.

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Karen, I heartily agree that a 2nd opinion is necessary for pretty much everything these days, and I'm very glad to know that Jeanne has excellent doctors who have been tracking things. I was half asleep when I posted at 6:30am and am suffering from sleep deprivation -- thanks to a certain kitty. :p I surely didn't mean to upset anyone and was trying to convey some related experiences that I know of with a more positive result, as in my case where a cat scan showed bad but an MRI indicated otherwise. Just hoping for the best for Jeanne!!!

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I wasn't upset, Party. Knew you were concerned for Jeanne, and one can't be too careful these days. (and boy do I under sleep deprivation, LOL). I'm glad you got double-checked yourself, everyone should, and also take a major part in any serious decisions on treatments.
I'm glad Jeanne has a 'history' with her doctors and has been under their good care for many years.

Hope your cat lets you get some rest, a new form of "cat scan" huh?
hugs, K

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Thank you, 'Holiday-ers,' as I affectionately call our friends here who share their great ideas!

I've been busy on another gardening forum that I post photos regularly on & love to garden in the spring/summer. June turned into a month of 'unknowns' when I got bloodwork & some check-ups done. I am in good hands between the doctors here @ home & at the U of Iowa Hosp. I am happy to share 'Caring Bridge' for up-to-date info ...thank you, 'purplemoon!'

I have many more tests to come & hoping that my DH & I can enjoy some quality time for many more yrs to come. Hugs to you all ...Jeanne S.

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Sweet Jeanne...you know your 'Holiday Family' is
Praying for you and Cheering You On..to support and help you through this.
We all look forward to having you back to enjoy some of that
quality time with us here too!

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Sending T & P's Jeanne's way and focusing on positive energy for her.

May G*O*D hold her and heal her.

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Jeanne updated her caring bridge journal today as her journey soon begins with the chemo....
she and Larry are facing some very difficult times with this treatment.

hugs, Karen

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check Jeanne's link to Caring Bridge for today's update.
She has started the chemo, and tests results confirmed Stage 3 ovarian cancer with other tumors on liver and spleen apparently.

I'm praying harder than ever, if that's possible.

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