GE Profile Dishwasher - won't dry my dishes

boxiebabeApril 7, 2008

We had our new GE Profile dishwasher installed last Friday. It's quiet as a mouse. That, I love.

However - what I don't love is that it's not drying my dishes. I've tried over and over and although the dishes are clean - they're as wet as if there was no drying going on in there at all.

I've done what the trouble-shooting manual says. I've been sure to run the water in the sink until it's hot before starting the dishwasher. I have also made sure that the "heated dry" button is lit. I have also run it with both the "heated dry" and "added heat" button lit.

I've run all of the above on "normal cycle" and "speed cycle" - same outcome.

Still... soaking wet dishes.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help,


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What temp is your water? You may need to set your water heater up a notch. Try running the dishwasher on the "sani rinse" since this heats to 160 and see if they are drier. Is your heating element working? During the dry cycle with the heat dry on I would open the door and put my hand next to the element to see if it seemed hot. Maybe it isn't working.

Also did you put Jet Dry in the dispenser?and also if the setting is adjustable you can dial it up a notch or two. I also like the Jet Dry Turbo. It makes my dishes dry completly, even plastics and this is on the no heat dry. Try fiddling with these few things and if it isnt better I would call GE. Also what kind of detergent are you using?

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I agree-are you using a drying agent like Jet Dry? To meet current Energy standards, most if not all DW's require a drying agent, and even them some plastics may still be damp.

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If your DW has a heated dry then your dishes should come out dry. Sounds like there's something wrong with the heating element. Time for a service call.

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Sparky&CP: I went to Walmart & purchased 2 bottles of the Jet Dry Turbo. Running a load right now and I am hopeful that this takes care of the problem. Thanks for the tip!

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you know....dishwasher manufacturers who recommend running the hot water tap until hot water comes out right before turning on the dishwasher, should be stripped of their "Energy Star" status.

It amazes me that as dishwasher get more finicky with water, that the savings in water is offset with recommendations like the one noted above.

aren't all good quality dishwashers suppose to get the water to the appropriate temperature?

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Darnit! I just checked the load - they're dryER, but still, nowhere near dry. Guess I am going to have to have the service person out. You'd think that a brand new dishwasher would work properly!

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Did you check:

The setting on you rinse aid dispenser?

During the dry cycle, did you open the door and pull out the rack and put your hand next to the element to see if it is heating? May not be.

Also if your discharge vent is on the top of the machines door toward the countertop it may delay opening for a few hours to let the steam/heat disapate so this may make them be damper but from what you say I would think your element may notbe working.(Why I would feel and see).

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I had 2 GE Profile dishwashers (2 different homes) installed within the last 8 months and both work great. They are quiet and my dishes comes out really, really dry. I did pick a stainless interior to assist in drying since the steel heats up and retains the heat longer than plastic.

From your description it does sound like you need a service call. Sparky's suggestion to check the heating element is right on.

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I'm having the exact same problem as you. I just bought my GE Profile dishwasher last month and it will not dry the dishes. They are plenty hot-to-the-touch but always wet. I love the way the dishes load and the whisper quiet feature but figured this was just the way it was supposed to be. I have even let them air dry for hours and the water doesn't dissipate. I am towel drying almost every dish! My dishwasher is "panel ready" is yours? My model is PDW9000 series.

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Has anyone resolved this problem yet? I have only run 1 load on my new GE Profile dishwasher and the results were terrible with regard to the amount of water left on the dishes (even with heated drying turned on). My model number is PDW9280NSS. Any help would be greatly appreciate.

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Rinse aid is required for good drying. Make sure your dispenser is filled and topped off monthly.

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I have the same problem. I have had the service call and he told me all the same BS, make sure you use Jet dry, turn the hot water up to at least 160, run the hot tap water right before starting the dish washer, open the door 1-2 inches after the dry cycle.

Nothing works, they are still wet. Not soaking wet but not dry like my old GE dish washer was.

They blame it on all the new rules but you dont hear about it with most other models.

Maybe time to start claiming lemon...

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I just had the tech guy leave and my dishwasher is still NOT drying Dishes. 3rd time out!!!! to try to fix it. (His Words)(Your dishes are not drying because your water is not hot enough. You need a NEW water heater.) MY WATER HEATER IS 2.5 years old so I Call a plumber and tested the hot water 143 deg. plumber said it sounds like a heating element problem.

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Have you tried using the Sani-Rinse option? Heats water to 160 for better drying.

I also let mine sit several hours before I open it.

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