Toto Aquia wall-mount with Geberit in-wall

doin-stuff-rightMay 8, 2012


I'm about to install a Geberit in-wall toilet carrier and attach a Toto Aquia wall-mount toilet to it. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? How do you like the Aquia?


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We just installed this very same set up! Haven't completely moved back in to the bathroom because the electrical work isn't finished (so no lights or power to the washlet). BUT, we have used the Aquia and find it very comfortable. Previously we had what at the time was called a handicapped toilet because we preferred the height. We set the Aquia at the same height.

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Thanks. I wanted an elongated bowl with a good water spot - rather than a duravit / euro configuration. I probably won't put the Toto seat on it as I find them too steep. Did you put the actuator facing forward or up? I chose the shorter Geberit because I'm under a window (still 2x6 build-out).


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We also have the elongated bowl. I agree that the Washlet adds extra height to a toilet. When we installed it on our original toilet, that made it a little too high for me (I felt like the Elizabeth Ann character from Laugh In!). So we made sure that the Gerberit tank was installed at a height that would allow the Aquia + Washlet to be at the "right height." (Did that make sense?)

As to the actuator, we didn't have a "facing up" option. Ours is facing forward, as you can see in the attached picture; it's above the toilet. Because we were told we needed the actuator on site by a certain day we ordered what was in stock, which is the one with a customer-supplied cover. In the picture, it looks like the actuator has an blue surround; but that's just the double-faced tape covering. Of course the plumber then didn't install it until a week later; plenty of time to have ordered the one with the black glass plate. Oh, well.
From Bathroom

Sorry for the poor picture. I took this one to try to show the pock marks in the granite top.

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Looks like the toilet cover touches the actuator, no? We're gonna pass on the washlet. How's the flush? Nothing left behind?


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Sorry for not seeing this sooner.

You are right, the front tip of the toilet seat cover does reach just above the bottom of the actuator, but only about 1/2". With the Washlet cover, at least, it doesn't actually touch so much as sit right in front of it. But not enough so that either button can't be used. Maybe that's a benefit: it will force one and all to put the seat cover down! If you didn't use a washlet, the seat cover might be a bit lower and thus not touch the actuator.

And, yes, the flush is great. Nothing left behind.

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Is there a reason NOT to use Toto's own wall carrier? Are the others more durable, quality?

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I believe the Toto wall carrier is Geberit, but I am not positive.

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Grohe recently added a line of these too called Rapid SL, in several styles for both the bowl and the controls....

Here is a link that might be useful: Grohe Rapid SL

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