July 4th Tables, anyone?

PurplemoonJuly 4, 2010

After I couldn't post last night, I'm trying again. With a different subject. Later I'll give a third shot at showing my shopping goodies.

Anyway, I was either reeeaaaalllly bored, or just plain nuts, LOL, so I tried a lunch table for two. No food of course, that is Kathleen's job. ;o)

I pulled out my Patriotic Nutcracker and tried a setting.

Not really happy with it. So then I tried another one.

You get to see both, aren't you lucky? LOL. Thank goodness its slow here!

As many of you know, I collect the Trail of Painted Pony figurines. I have around 120 of them now.

They made half dozen Patriotic ponies, so I decided to try a centerpiece using two of them.

A close-up of the Painted Pony Centerpiece

hugs and Happy 4th,


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Purplemoon...I love the centerpc setting with your special Painted Ponies the best! That is beautiful & also that you used your new finds from this week...the cloche/metal stands are cute in this setting...and your crackled candleholder with the RW&B candle is perfect for it! I'd love to lunch with you at your table! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Karen what a great and Different Centerpiece with your Pinted Ponies...they are beautiful! Also, I'm so impressed with the use of your new Cloches...they work perfectly in this 'Patriotic Setting'! Don't clear your table just yet....I'm picking up Jeanne...and we will BOTH join you for lunch!! lol


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Karen, I love them both--and I'm so impressed that you did them! You have just the perfect glasses, plates and bowls. Your new purchases sure fit right in too. Very nice--now add these to the albums, okay? Luvs

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Thanks, Gals. Wish I'd thought of my Patriotic Ponies sooner for a vignette. They are in the big china cabinet with all the other ponies. I even have a special 911 Pony that is really wonderful. (note to SELF for next year!!)

Luvs, you are so sweet, but I don't think my stuff is really up to Inspiration Album material. Unless I just do the Pony centerpiece in the 4th album. My table settings...I don't think so. LOL.
Love you for your support.

Gosh, am trying to get all the Patriotic stuff down today,
and packed. But my body (legs mostly) highly uncooperative, so the packing may have to wait. Its all sitting in the garage for now. I really, REALLY hate to pack the little boy and girl wood plates away. I LUV them so much.

hugs, Karen

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We are lucky to get to see both, I too like the pony one best. That's a neat candle thingy too. So sorry your legs are giving you trouble. I'm not really in a hurry to take my 4th stuff down yet, because there is not really much to put up now till fall. I've got a new dish cabinet and am trying to get it organized in between camping trips every weekend.

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Hi Karen,

Here's my 4th table. I was in the middle of getting ready for 23 guests and took these in a bit of a hurry. I set the tables early in the morning and then cover them with sheets to keep the dust off until the guests arrive - hence the table you see with the sheet. The glasses were short-lived items that were sold at USA Gas Filling Stations. I don't know if there are any in operation anymore. I do remember that there was quite a controversy, as they used to fly a huge American Flag over their gas stations. They kept the flag flying, even after nightfall and many people were upset about it.

At any rate, I've picked up a big collection of them - all from garage sales. Haven't see any in years and years though.

I didn't have enough of my new Pfaltzgraff star plates to use with such a big crowd. Maybe next year.

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WOW, OA! 28 guests! I love how you've "mixed & matched" the table settings! Glasses are pretty cool...as is the flower pot candle holder! Hope you had a great day! Looks very festive! Jeanne S.

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Karen, that looks great! You are really getting into this!
Pink will be next, LOL!
OA, beautiful table! Love those napkins and hurricane candles, as well as the glasses.

I didn't do a table, as we didn't have guests here. I cooked a lot for the parties we went to, but just had a family dinner last night and I didn't take any pics.

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