Dinner in sunroom

bonnieann925July 31, 2010

Tonight we're having dinner in the sunroom with our youngest DD, who just returned home from a trip to FL to visit her boyfriend. She brought me back a wine glass from Disney, which is on the table. Isn't it cute? The flowers are from the garden: butterfly bush, endless summer and black-eye susans. Dinner will be blackened salmon, broccoli slaw and corn on the cob:

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What a peaceful looking room! Your table is very pretty and that was so sweet of your DD to bring you a gift back from her trip. I am really loving your dishes...do you know the pattern name?

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Looks good, and sounds good! ;o)
And I love your sunroom, how beautiful to sit out there and eat or read or just daydream!

hugs, Karen

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Summery & fun...lovely table in a lovely room! Bright, cheerful flowers...can't beat it! Enjoy your DD! Jeanne S.

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Thanks all! We had a really nice time and will miss her when she goes back to school soon. Dream, the dishes came from Target a few years ago. I bought 12 just to use in the sunroom. All is says on the back of the plate is "Home. Made in Italy". I haven't seen them at Target since I bought them.

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What a lovely room to have a meal in. So light and pretty, bet you really enjoy spending time in there. Lovely plates, and wonderful to be able to pick your own bouquet. Glad you were able to spend time with your DD, nice to slow down and just enjoy those moments. Luvs

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Lovely setting for your dinner and the menu sounds scrumptious!



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Your table is lovely, as well as the whole sunroom. I like the bamboo furniture, especially that fabric. I'm glad you got to enjoy DD's visit. My DS is coming in a couple of weeks (only see him about 2 times a year) and we're excited. But we will be staying at the river for a canoe trip, so there won't be any tablescape oportunities.

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What a lovely setting.
Your sunroom is just perfect for a nice Summer Dinner!
All your fabrics and decor are so cool and airy looking.


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You have a fabulous room and a lovely setting to compliment it.
If I were to ever be able to design my own home or remodel extensivly , a sunroom would definatly be at the top of my wish list.

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Wow, do I love your sunroom. It looks so good and I love your plates. Another wonderful sounding meal.

I'm so far behind here and don't know if I'll ever catch up on all these posts but am sure enjoying the looking.


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