another pet stain question...

hannahOctober 23, 2004

Hi folks...I read your very informative posts on an almost daily basis, but have not yet come across a solution

for removing stains from cat throw-up.

My little cat sometimes pigs out to the point that she throws up after eating...especially when there's a hairball involved...LOL

I have very pale grey carpet and the stains will NOT come out...I've tried numerous products to no avail.

Does anyone have any great ideas other than renting a carpet steamer?

*That's next on my list! :)

Many thanks in advance...........Lellie

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Have you tried nature's miracle? Works for me or "dog stuff"....ought to work on "cat stuff" as well.
Linda C

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Make sure you get something that has "enzymes". That will get the smell out very quickly. Not sure about the cleaning part. I think I would use my steamer (Euro-Pro) and let it set with some Oxyclean if the carpet was light colored. Haven't tried "Nature's Miracle". Think I'll try some of that as well. We have occasional problems as well on our scatter rugs.


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By "enzymes", I mean the live kind that are specifically advertised for this type of cleaning, i.e. cat/dog messes.

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I've always had multiple cats which of course equals multiple
pet related stains. IMO I find the carpet material is definitely part of the answer to whether the vomit stains or not. Another issue is the type of catfood that your cat is eating. If it's one of the kibble brands with all those vivid red and dark brown shades in it, those food dyes will be happy to cling to your carpet. I stay with premium foods (like ProPlan, Science Diet etc.), nylon carpet in pet friendly colors/textures/patterns (I'm very big into camouflaging dirt), and use a peppermint enzyme cleaner from
Getting to the blatz ASAP helps a lot too :-)


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Thanks folks...lots of avenues to try here... :)
BTW: I feed her Science Diet, but it does stain the light colored carpet...must be the quality of the carpet itself. :(

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does your cat barf when she eats other a different kind of food? i would be concerned if this was a frequent occurance. even those brands considered high quality pet food are not always best for individual pets... sometimes you have to try different kinds to find out what works best for your pet...

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LOL joe...well, it depends upon how FAST she eats.
If she woofs down her food PLUS has a hairball somewhere in there (LOL), she throws up... :)

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I find that the bissel "little green machine" type things work great on pet spot stains. I have a big vapor steamer that I use now, but before I bought that the little green guy was used just for this purpose, and is worth it IMHO. Although previous posters are right, success could depend on the type of carpet. Where there is a cat, there will be cat throw-up!

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i used to use a little green clean machine too - but the darn thing worked so good that the spots i cleaned were so much cleaner than the rest of the carpet that i hired a cleaning service to come and shampoo the entire carpet to even out the clean spots.

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I have four cats and use Awesome to clean the throw up spots. Just spray on full strength and let it set a few minutes and use a damp rag to clean up. Haven't found any yet on any surface the Awesome didn't remove.

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I've used Oxyclean to clean spots from my dog and cat. It works well on barf spots, but does take some time. I used it in the bottle that came with a kit, very strong solution. I also took the precaution of scrubbing it with water after the oxyclean. I used a common rag, scrubbed in one direction then the other direction, then vertically. After all this, I blotted it very well so the carpet was damp to the touch. Like other posters, I had clean spots, but it did remove the stain. I'm told by a friend that vinegar is good for removing an odor, although I can't verify it, I've never had a problem with odor after using the oxyclean. good luck

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If you have multiple stains, I would have the carpeting professionally cleaned, specifically pointing out to them the areas that are pet-related.

Then I would get a Bissell or equivalent to do it myself for the future.

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Don't laugh....use spray Lysol. Saturate the rug and wipe with a clean white cloth. The soil transfers to the cloth and leaves the carpet clean without any sticky residue. It even cleans doggie poop marks.

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Try Spray'n'Wash, Shout, or whatever pre-laundry stain remover you use. I read that tip on the Decorating forum recently and tried it and it works better than anything I've ever found, plus I always have some on hand.

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On a stain that does not get exposed to direct sunlight I have used ammonia. I had an O.J. stain on oatmeal colored product. Ammonia got it out. BUT will fade carpet if direct sunlight shines on it. And Vinegar does get rid of odors so does odo-ban (Sam's Club)

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I use SpotShot spray on pet stains. It does a good job on pet food ,vomit, urine, and pooh. It even gets the smell out, gagg. Just spray on heavily, wait a bit and rub with a clean dry cloth.

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Last night our cat threw up some canned food and those darn tuna Pounces that are red and even though I started working on the stains (in the middle of the cream living room carpet of course), I now have pale pink stains. I'm going to try the Oxyclean and see what happens. Maybe we need to get this Bissell cleaner. I've made a rule: no more pink or green (catnip flavor) Pounces in this house!

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I have a sick pet as well, and I found Stainerizer to be pretty good. I tried it and they gave me a free sample plus pheromones.

I am not sure about natures miracle or others, I just tried Stainerize because of the Free Sample... hope that helps

Here is a link that might be useful: Stainerizer

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I think the problem may be in your pet's food. Cat food manufacturers add a lot of red food coloring to cat food, to make it look "meaty", thus more appealing to the eye of the buyer. Read the ingredients on your cats food lable. If corn is at the top, or near, the food may not be that good for your pet. In the wild, do cats eat corn? No, they eat fresh meat. They may eat some grass for its moisture content, and to help digestion, but they do not eat corn and wheat. I don't mean to lecture. I feed my two cats Ancestral Diet dsry food, as well as a can of Fancy Feast each morning. They seem to like it and are pretty healthy. So try changing your cat's diet and there may be less regurgitation and easier cleanup. End of lecture. Clunk, the sound of me stepping down off my lecture podium.

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Keep in mind if you change your pets diet to do it slowly. I had an issue where my dog would get sick because of the drastic change, so slowly change the foods by adding a little of the new food at a time in segments... if possible.

This may help.

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Equalizer carpet stain and odor eliminator.

It is incredible. This stuff will remove old stains as easy as new ones. It even removes rust from your carpet (from furniture placed too soon after shampooing or whatever).

My vet originally put me onto it when my dog bled on my carpet. I'll never be without it again. I have a 16 yr old dog..need I say more?

You can google it and buy it online or your vet may have it.

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The cat has puked hairballs multiple times on my bedroom carpet. The problem is not the hairball, but the liquidy stuff that comes out with it.

I bought Woolite carpet stain cleaner (with oxygen cleaning). It did not work and I now have several pale pink stains on my carpet.

Is all lost because this are "old" stains?

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