Guest Bath Layout

ChangeIsGoodTooMay 14, 2013


We are getting ready to remodel our guest bath and are considering changing the plumbing to open up the space. I have attached two ideas:

"Option 1" would keep the plumbing the same. With this option, we would only be able to have an 18" deep vanity and the space around the current wall by the tub is tight to move around.

"Option 2" would involve moving the plumbing and a smaller vanity but I think would make the space feel more open.

I would appreciate any thought or ideas on what you think would work best and if it would be worth the added cost of moving the plumbing.

We are also open to any other layout suggestions.

Thank you for your time.

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What about switching the vanity and tub in option 1? That gives more of an open feel when entering vs a wall.

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Looking at option 2 how big of a tub are you getting? There may not be enough room on that one wall for everything with enough clearance.

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ikea_gw - We are planning on getting a 5' tub. Most likely it will be 32" wide (Kohler Archer).

williamsem - I sketeched it out reversing the tub and vanity but it still leaves a tight clearance between the tub and vanity. Please let me know if I am overlooking something.

Thank you for your help!

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You have a similar layout (just shorter) than our main bath. I am switching the plumbing and putting toilet across from vanity beside tub. I will be putting a linen tower (only 15" deep) across from toilet on other end of tub to improve access (ie 3" shorter than vanity).

For your linen closet in Option 2, is it 32" deep with access from short end, or is it open shelves to the tub? If it's shelves, then you could put the shelves at the other end if you put toilet across from vanity. This way you could have a much longer counter. In a guest bath, I think longer counter trumps slightly deeper, but much shorter...

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Here is a picture of my 5' tub with a cabinet next to it. The wall is like yours, 6.5' long. I love my setup. I like the idea of a linen tower. I had a window in the way :)

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I also would recommend switching the tub and vanity of option 1.

An 18" wide, 3 foot deep linen cabinet is not all that useful. I think you'd have to plan to do something similar to enduring (short structure and not a linen closet) if you did plan 2.

If you do the alternate plan 1 as I and the other poster suggest, you could still have a linen cabinet on the toilet end if you wanted (with a 3 or 4' vanity)

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