All in One Vanities v. Custom build

duffydawgMay 23, 2013

Building house and plumbing contractor is requiring us to buy plumbing fixtures through his distributor. Many of these fixtures can be $600+ but yet the Pottery Barn all in ones go for $1000+ with everything. Plumber says those vanities have bad fixtures that will need to be replaced out in no time.

Is Pottery Barn and Restoration Hatdware the larger seller of the nicer all in one vanities? Where else should I look? Are all in ones not as good as custom? Are the fixtures on them that weak?

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To gauge quality you really have to go to the showrooms and handle the materials. I don't think there is anything wrong with Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware plumbing fixtures, I would say they are on the same level as Grohe. If your plumber has other ideas, maybe he knows where you can go to see the stuff he recommends.

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You can actually try Kitchen Bath Collection. Their website has a lot of Pottery Barn style vanities, and I was at their showroom/warehouse last week checking out their stuff. Their quality is pretty good, and they include cabinet, countertop, backsplash, and faucets.

I'll include a picture I took of what I'm most likely going to buy from them. It'll give you a better look at their quality.

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And here's another picture because I don't know how to put 2 pictures in 1 post...

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