Pool Screen and cage cleaning

karynOctober 7, 2013

We bought a house that had a overgrown mess all around the pool "cage" - we have since cut everything down and cleared it but now have screens and cage frame covered in algae, mold and plant residue.

We have a pressure washer - but - you can't just blast away as it will damage the screens. The pool deck and patio are also a mess but they can be pressure washed

Anyone have any tips of the easiest way to get these screens and frame pieces clean? (While keeping most of the debris out of the pool BTW.)


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That is one lucky Golden Retriever - his own pool!

There are hose end products that you could use to clean the frame and screens, but you are going to get stuff in the water.

Most of the frame could be cleaned manually - bucket of water with some cleaner in it, or a spray cleaner like 409, and lots of rags. But how do you get to the frame over the middle of the pool?

I suspect that you live in Florida - and I bet there are companies that clean these pool cages.

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Thanks, yes Florida! I'm sure there are cleaning companies for this, but was researching DIY since a disproportionate number of those selling "services" we have encountered in FL so far have been liars cheats and thieves.... not all - but we were surprised at how many. Maybe we just had bad luck - but it has happened to us across 8+ different disciplines in less than 1 year and seems more like a trend.

I was thinking maybe a garden sprayer with diluted bleach and/or cleaning solution then rinse with the power washer on a gentle spray setting. The roof screen areas will be tough to access however since it's pretty massive.

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While I would love to give you some advice. I am sure you would not want to listen to, even for free, a LIAR, CHEAT, or a THIEF !
Why don't you call up north where the honest people live and see how they clean thier pool cages?
Some of us that live in the south, are honest hard working people and resent being lumped in with scoundrels, whom I am pretty sure are spread out all around the world !

Have a nice day!

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We live in FL too! We clean ours every year with a pressure washer and some bleach. We purchased a telescopic wand to reach the high spots...a tall ladder helps too!


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