Cleaning Chrome Faucets

cindyoehmigOctober 21, 2009

I laid a cloth soaked in vinegar on my brushed chrome faucet to get the calcium deposits off. When I returned an hour later the vinegar had eaten the chrome coating leaving an unsightly finish. Is there a way to fix the damage?

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The acid ate the finish, and there is no way to bring it back that I know of.

You could spray paint it to make it look less unsightly, but over time that paint will wear off.

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I agree the surface is ruined. You could also try some past car wax; apply, let it dry and buff with a soft cloth.

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use Gel Gloss and some elbow grease next time

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Wow! May be chrome paint over plastic, real chrome finish would not be ruined by vinegar. They do make a chrome finish comes in a spray can but it would be shiny not brushed. My front bathroom faucets are 40 yrs old & still look new. But I always insist on real metal with real chrome over it. Day coming when that may no longer be possible. Do they have any warranty?

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