Just ordered an American Range Performer - will post feedback

CWirickApril 20, 2012

Thanks to this forum (and not American's horrible website), I found a local dealer (Gygi in Salt Lake City) who carries American Range. I wanted a Bluestar but price was an issue as we're already over budget on our new house. The dealer didn't have a Performer on the floor but they did have a working Heritage. I liked the build quality and the look. Better looking than the Bluestar to my eyes but matches the industrial vibe of the Bluestar (the Capital does not in my view). The three 25k burners are a compelling feature. Doubt I'll ever need all three rocket burners firing at full power at once, but hey, I have the option. The range was $1500 less than the Bluestar equivalent - a significant amount of money at this final stage where we're trying to squeeze every last nickel. The dealer did not have any negative customer feedback to report on the American line, and they appear enthusiastic about providing post-sale support if needed. Hope I won't need to find out. I'll post feedback as soon as the house is finished and the range is installed.

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Hey greats, finally somebody bought one so we can gets a review that means something.

Hope if performs well for you.

Everybody gains when there is competition, with just 2 players in the game now, they charge what they pretty well please, and both BS and Capital have been guilty of raising prices in spite of our lousy economy, that's gotta stop!!!---sooner the better!


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Did they verify that it has 3 @25k burners? The specs say differently. Is the center grate available yet? I'm on the same fence as you were. I'm hoping this is a positive experience.

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So...a review maybe on this range please?

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Are you stilll reading GW forum? Would love to know if your American Range has been installed and if so, the pros and cons of the AR performer. I have only seen their commercial ranges. Would love to hear your feedback.

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Not installed yet. It arrived at the dealer. We're just waiting to get our countertops and backsplash in. I'll post feedback as soon as it's up and running.

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