do you have a high mirror in a small bathroom

chefwongMay 15, 2012

Planning 2 renos.

Torn on the small one.

5x7 bathroom

Tub, Sink and Toilet.

Small Pedestal Sink

Obviously, the Mirror needs to be about 8-12 inches off the sink. 24x30 is what my gut check is telling me or 20x30

Proportionally, methinks the 20x30

Do you think I can pull it off with a 24x39.

That would put me about a 1 foot away from the ceiling.

There would be Robern PL or M Mirrors, plain fronts, no bevel recessed.

Too big for a small bathroom ?

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I personally love a large mirror. I think it makes everything brighter and more open. And the extra storage space is always nice...

I just installed a large cabinet on a fairly small wall and I LOVE it. I would have gone even bigger if I could. I had originally wanted the Roburn Fairhaven, which is absolutely giant-- so may just be what your personal preference is.

Here is a link that might be useful: My medicine cabinet.

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I hear ya...
It's just the way the space is laid out. Not sure it it works.

Tub is laying in the 5' side.
Toilet in the corner
Sink Dead Center between toilet and tub.

Not sure if having a high mirror somewhat dead center right on the wall looks okay. U can only step back so much ;-)

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I'd do a mock up out of cardboard. Cover it with aluminum foil to reflect some light and see how it looks in the space in the size you are thinking.

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That's a tough call. Light is important role as it affects how paint, surfacing s look in the space. The light in the space right now is going to be totally different than how it's speced when gutted.

Window RO as well.

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Here's the one in our powder room. It is 16" x 48" including the 2" border. We had it made this high to cover the electrical box from the original over-the-mirror light. Gives a nice height to the room (4 x 6) and totally useful for a PR.

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Foam Core Boards to the rescue.
Cut to size.

Totally going with the 39" unit.
Play around with possible locations on how ~low~ I would go to the sink.

Next up - not too modern, not too old fashioned - recessed toilet paper holders. I've looked briefly. I know my options are limited

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