light tan berber carpet vs. orange Gatorade. Who will win?

michelle_phxazOctober 25, 2008

I dropped a bottle of orange Gatorade on my tiled kitchen floor about 6 inches from where the hall carpet starts, and the whole bottle cracked open and the juice splashed and seeped about 6" into the hallway. I tried oxy-clean Woolite for carpets and Resolve carpet cleaner. I can't get ahold of my magician of a carpet cleaner until Monday, it looks so awful I wanted to see if I could get more ideas here.

I am pretty sure I still have a Little Green Machine, haven't used it in years, should I try that? And what about hydrogen peroxide? This is in an extremely visible area (of course) that connects the dining room, kitchen and hallway, so it can be seen from one entire half of the house. I couldn't have spilled it in the back of a closet, of course!


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I like Folex Carpet Cleaner. I buy it at the local Tru Value and some carpet stores. I suspect any hardware store may have it.

My friend's daughter spilled Lik'em Ade red powder on her light carpet. They just made it worse with water and other cleaners. Folex took it all out.

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Believe it or not, I just used the cheapest foam shaving cream I could find to remove tomato stains on an almost white carpet. The results are amazing! I sprayed the foam, scrubbed a little w/a brush & the stains are gone! I cannot believe it myself but read about this sometime back. Good luck if you try it!

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