induction paradox?

dks35April 30, 2013

we got a teapot that we wanted to use on induction cooktop. it failed the magnet test - magnet does not stick anywhere on it. however, the manufacturer (bredemeijer) on their website says that all their cookware is induction compatible. so i thought this is an old/discontinued model or something. before returning it i decided to just give it a try on our bosch cooktop - the cooktop did not report an error like it usually does with incompatible cookware and heated the bottom of the teapot! so i guess it's a keeper but does raise a question of the validity of magnet test. there must be some physics-heavy explanation to this paradox. the teapot is shiny and made of very thin metal, said to be SS. google bredemeijer ceylon teapot if is made in Holland.

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I had a similar experience with a Bonavita kettle I got from amazon. It stated it was induction useable. I purchased it and tested it with a magnet. No magnetic attraction. I tried the kettle anyway. It worked....BUT...I timed it with a magnetic kettle and the time it took to heat up the same amount of water was almost double. I returned it.

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thanks, for sharing, wallycat - this is exactly what i experienced, longer time to boiling. but I will keep it, it works for us. the teapot will be used to prep the stock of tea and needs to be only slightly heated, no boiling in it. it pours very well. We did sample WMF teapot from amazon - great craftsmanship and quality, induction compatible BUT only 16 oz capacity. it looked like a teapot from a doll set.

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If the magnet doesn't stick - it might work but not effectively - I would pick another tea kettle - but not the LeCre Zen - I got that one and it spatters.

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